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Las Vegas

Water Lines

Water Lines in Las Vegas, NV

Your water line is proof that some of the most important parts of your plumbing system are those hidden from view. Your underground water line keeps your plumbing fixtures and appliances such as your water heater supplied.

If you need a new water line installed, or repairs for an existing water line, it pays to hire extensively trained, licensed, and insured plumbers in Las Vegas. Water line installation, in particular, is a complex and extensive project that requires skill. That's what you can expect from our team.

We hold ourselves to the highest of industry standards, and we are always there for you when you need us. Call The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas to schedule any water line services that you need. We’re bright, shiny, and won’t show our hiney.

A Professional Water Line Installation Is Important

We doubt that even the most avid DIY enthusiast would attempt to install his or her own water line, but you never know. Let us remind you that a water line installation is a job for skilled professionals only. There is a lot to consider, including the diameter of the water line to be installed, the material that it is composed of, and its connection to the main water line.

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Our plumbers arrive fully prepared and equipped with everything that they need to get your water line in Las Vegas, NV installed correctly. It’s a sizable job, but your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed when we’re on the case. With our superior plumbing service, you can expect the delivery of clean, potable water throughout your home with the reliability and convenience that you deserve.

We Also Replace Water Lines

Today’s pipes are more durable than ever before, and are not subject to the corrosion and other issues that old cast iron or galvanized steel pipes were. That being said, there are many cases in which a water line replacement may be necessary.

It is possible for tree roots to grow into your water line, for instance, as they seek out water. Shifting soil or even nearby construction can result in damage to your water line as well. Perhaps you have a very old water line in place that needs to be upgraded to one composed of newer materials. Whatever the issue at hand may be, you can trust our reliable plumbers to replace your water line successfully.

Call for Prompt Water Line Repair

Not all problems with your water line necessitate replacement. In some cases, we may be able to repair your existing water line instead. The sooner that you recognize any trouble with your water line and alert us to the problem, the better the chance of minimizing any damage to the pipe. Swift action should be taken, and our plumbers are always here to help.

If you notice pools of water near your buried water line, or if you are paying more and more for water than you have in the past, give us a call. You may also notice the sound of running water when there is none in use. These types of irregularities should never be ignored. We offer 24/7 emergency repairs, and main water line repairs often can’t wait until morning or Monday.

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