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Kitchen Plumbing

Kitchen Plumbing in Las Vegas, NV

Like most other homeowners, you probably spend a fair amount of time in your kitchen. Whether you are cooking up a storm for a big family gathering, or just getting the kids' lunches ready for the school day, the kitchen plays a big role in day to day life. Keeping your kitchen plumbing in Las Vegas, NV functioning properly is a must if you hope to go about your day conveniently.

Considering how much you use your kitchen plumbing, the occasional problem is inevitable. Just remember to contact our team for family-friendly service. Whether you want to remodel your existing plumbing, or you need unexpected kitchen plumbing repairs, you can always trust The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas for superior plumbing service. Our Las Vegas plumbers are bright and shiny and won't show their hiney!

To help ensure your kitchen functions properly and you don’t have any surprise problems join The Sunshine Club and we will do an annual plumbing inspection and clean any clogged drains for FREE*.

FREE Drain Clearing

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We Install and Replace Kitchen Sinks and Garbage Disposal Units

The first step in guaranteeing 100% satisfaction with your kitchen plumbing system is to schedule your kitchen plumbing installation with our staff. Do you need a new kitchen sink installed? Let us know and we’ll cover your options with you. Want to integrate a new garbage disposal into your system? We install some of the finest products from the most trusted manufacturers. 

Kitchen plumbing replacements are another area in which we excel. When your sink plumbing fails, you may want to keep the sink but will have to have the plumbing connected to it replaced. We will replace only those parts and components that are necessary, and get your sink back in place promptly. Need a faucet replacement? Our stocked trucks will have what you need.

Do You Need Kitchen Plumbing Repairs?

Is there a faucet dripping in your kitchen?

It may not seem like as big a problem as a drain leaking all over your floor, but the truth is that any kitchen plumbing problem should be repaired as soon as possible. Even leaks that seem "minor" can cost you big in wasted water. If you have a leak, or if your garbage disposal is jammed, know that our plumbers are here to get your kitchen plumbing repairs in Las Vegas, NV done right.

A bit of maintenance can help to prevent problems with your kitchen plumbing from developing in the first place. Professional drain cleaning, video pipe inspections, and garbage disposal tune–ups are just a few ways that we can keep it functioning as intended. We’re a licensed and bonded plumbing contractor, and we have built our business on trust, reliability, and skill. From emergency plumbing repairs, to new water line installation and slab leak detection, we can do it all. 

Make maintenance easy, join The Sunshine Club and we will do a full house plumbing inspection and get ahead of any surprise plumbing issues.

You Can Help Prevent Problems in the Kitchen

In addition to the kitchen plumbing repair and maintenance services we offer, we also like to provide our clients with some tips that they can use themselves. Keep this information in mind when using your kitchen plumbing system. That way, you can help to keep problems at bay. Contact us with any questions that you may have.

Be careful with what you put down your garbage disposal. Fats, oil, and grease should never go down the drain. These materials congeal and cause clogs when they cool. Also, keep drain screens over your kitchen sink drains. No matter how careful you are when clearing plates, some food will wind up at the bottom of the sink. Make sure it stays there, rather than building up in your pipes.

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Tim W.

Even if you have a plumber already I would recommend a second opinion from The Sunny Plumber. Everyone that I met or talked to from this company was amazing.

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