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Gas Piping

Gas Piping in Las Vegas, NV

Natural gas is one of the most versatile and efficient fuels that we have available for use in our homes. Many homeowners use natural gas for heating, as well as for fueling their water heaters, ovens, and even dryers. Natural gas is also incredibly convenient, as it doesn't need to be delivered or stored on your property. Instead, it is piped directly to your home and to the systems and appliances that need it.

Great as natural gas may be, remember that it is a combustible fuel. You cannot be too careful when it comes to your gas piping in Las Vegas, NV. Let the insured, licensed, and extensively trained plumbers at The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas complete gas line services for you. Not only is the quality of our work guaranteed, but so is your 100% satisfaction with our family-friendly service.

We Install and Replace Gas Lines

To use natural gas in your home, you need to have access to a gas main. If you do, you will need to have a connection from that main gas line to the gas hookups fueling your appliances and/or heating system. That is where our plumbers come in. There are strict regulations regarding the use of natural gas in residential settings, as well as the individuals completing the gas line installation.

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We are a fully licensed and bonded plumbing contractor, and we are qualified to complete this type of work. Whether you have a brand new home that you want connected to the gas main, or you need a gas line replacement due to damage, we’re the company to call.

Let Us Handle Your Gas Line Repairs

It should go without saying that a leaking gas line is a serious problem. If you smell natural gas on your property, you need to vacate the premises and contact the appropriate authorities immediately. Our plumbers are always there when you need us, and we can handle any gas line repairs that you may require to keep your home safe and the flow of natural gas reliable.

Routine gas line maintenance is a great idea if you want to get the best, most dependable performance possible from your gas lines. Let us inspect your system periodically so that we can catch any developing problems early on. It is best to complete repairs before you have an emergency on your hands. Of course, we also offer 24/7 emergency service.

Ask About Flexible Gas Lines

Flexible gas lines are more and more common these days, and they have many benefits to offer homeowners. Flexible gas lines are made of CSST (corrugated stainless steel tubing). It is usually coated with a yellow plastic, though the exterior may also be black. Not only are CSST flexible gas lines very durable, but they are very versatile, as well.

They can be snaked through walls and around obstructions that would make the installation of gas lines in an existing property quite difficult. Plus, systems using flexible gas lines require fewer joints. This means a reduced risk of leaks. We’re big proponents of the use of flexible gas lines in Las Vegas, NV, so call us to learn more.

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