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Sewer Ejector Pump Services

Sewer Ejector Pump Services in Las Vegas, NV

Backed up drains or plumbing fixtures are problematic and not at all uncommon. Often, basic drain cleaning or plunging the drain will resolve the problem. In certain situations, though, the issue can become chronic. Some plumbing systems are designed and installed in such a way that they need some help in moving waste and wastewater out of the house effectively. This is where the sewer ejector pump comes into play.

This pump ensures that everything you flush down the toilet or send down any drain in the house follows the correct path to the sewer or septic line. We install and service sewer ejector pumps throughout the Las Vegas area. Superior plumbing service is just a phone call away. Call The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas today.

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How Does a Sewer Ejector Pump Work?

A sewer ejector pump, or pump up ejector system, works a lot like a sump pump. In fact, this type of pump is also installed in a sump basin just like a sump pump. The difference between the pumps is really how they are designed to handle. The sump pump is used to pump floodwater out of the basement or crawlspace of a home. The sewer ejector pump is used to pump out water from floor drains, grey water from appliances like dishwashers, and/or waste water from the toilet.

The basin is covered with a lid and a vent pipe. This prevents odors and gases from escaping the pit. When you flush the toilet or an appliance empties and the water level reaches the activation point, the pump forces the wastewater up to the sewer or septic line.

Who Needs a Sewer Ejector Pump Installation?

Not every home is going to require the use of a sewer ejector pump. Generally speaking, homes are designed so that gravity alone is enough to move waste through the drain and sewer system. Some homes are built with fixtures installed below the main sewer or septic line grade, though. In such cases, the sewer ejector pump is necessary to fight gravity and pump the wastewater up to the sewer line.

If you need your sewer ejector pump replaced in Las Vegas, NV, only trust trained professionals. This is absolutely not a job that a novice can handle. You need it done right the first time, and we guarantee your 100% satisfaction with our work. Trust the plumbers that are bright and shiny and won’t show their hiney.

Do You Need a Sewage Pump Replacement?

A sewage pump needs to be replaced as soon as possible when it fails. This is not an optional piece of equipment, like a garbage disposal. A broken down or malfunctioning pump or ejector system can lead to unsanitary conditions in your home. You won’t experience the level of flooding that you would with a failing sump pump, but the smaller amount of water is little consolation.

Because you are dealing with grey water and even sewage, prompt action is necessary. Sewer ejector pumps need to be replaced entirely when they fail, not just repaired. Not only will we get the old pump out of your home, but we’ll have a great new one installed in a timely fashion. Call for family–friendly service when you need a sewage pump replacement.

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