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Las Vegas

Drain and Sewer

Drain and Sewer Services in Las Vegas, NV

Your plumbing system has two sides. The supply side brings water into your home for use throughout the house. The drain and sewer system is there to remove wastewater from your home conveniently and hygienically when you are done with it. For obvious reasons, you want to ensure that everything going down your drains and into your sewer line is able to do so without issue.

Schedule your drain and sewer services in Las Vegas, NV with The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas. Our family-friendly service represents the highest in industry standards. Trust, reliability, and skill form the foundation of business. You and your family deserve to live free of plumbing worries, join The Sunshine Club and our Sunny Plumbers will do an annual inspection of your plumbing systems and get in front of any worrisome plumbing problems.

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Our Drain and Sewer Services Are Comprehensive

We offer a comprehensive selection of drain and sewer services while also taking every precaution to guarantee that each is of the highest quality.

  • Sewer Lines: Your sewer line is the last passage for waste and wastewater exiting your home. Any problems with your sewer line, from leaks to blockages, can cause serious issues. We repair, install, replace, and maintain sewer lines.
  • Drain and Sewer Cleaning: It is safe to say that cleaning your drains and sewer line is not on your list of routine chores. That’s just as well, because this is a job for professionals only. Our plumbers have the tools and training to clean your drains and sewers effectively. For expert drain cleaning in Las Vegas, contact the experts at The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas. 
  • Video Pipe Inspection: What’s the best way to assess the condition of drains and sewer lines? Simple—by looking directly into them. With the use of video pipe inspection equipment, our plumbers do just that.
  • Main Water Line Replacement: Over time, main water lines may suffer irreparable damage. This could be due to age, environmental factors, corrosion, and other issues. Whatever the case, we can replace your water line successfully.
  • Scour Jet Service: Are your drains moving slowly? Are they backed up entirely? If so, then give us a call to schedule scour jet service. When we use our equipment to scour your drains, they’ll flow freely once more.
  • Sewer Ejector Pumps: Plumbing systems generally rely on gravity to move waste and wastewater toward the sewer or septic system. But if you have a fixture or drains below the sewer or septic line grade, yours will need a boost. That’s what a sewer ejector pump is for.

Satisfied Customers Our #1 Priority

Alan C.

The call center was great. Very pleasant and helpful. Scheduled a same day appointment to get my problems fixed. I highly recommend the sunny plumbers.

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