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Should I Be Using a Water Softener?

logoEvery now and then homeowners hear a phrase or the mention of an appliance that they don’t have, and the panic sets in. Uh oh, they may think, should I have been using this all along? What kind of damage have I unwittingly done? Has my health suffered? In the case of hard water, let us clear up that last point right away. No, hard water is not going to do you bodily harm, even if you’ve been unknowingly dealing with it for some time.

Does this mean that you should continue to let the problem stand? Of course not! Why not? Because, while hard water may not pose a health threat in the way that microbial contaminants may, it can still cause a whole host of problems around the house and for your plumbing system in particular. So, if you’re not sure if you have hard water or what that even means, this is the post for you! Remember to schedule your plumbing services in Las Vegas, NV with The Sunny Plumber. 

What Is Hard Water, and How Worried Should I Be?

We are not here to alarm you. There is no imminent danger to your health because you have hard water in your home, as we mentioned above. Because it can compromise your plumbing system, however, it is best to soften that water up. If you have not idea what that means, or why hard water may pose a threat to your plumbing system, just know this; hard water is water with too high of a mineral concentration.

Now, you may buy bottles of mineral water and enjoy the addition of those dissolved solids to your beverage. There are not any benefits of hard water, though. This is water that typically has too much calcium and/or magnesium in it. How can you tell if you have hard water? A very clear sign is the greenish white buildup that hard water leaves on plumbing fixtures. That ugliness is just one reason why you want to resolve hard water issues.

What Other Problems Does Hard Water Cause?

Hard water makes it difficult for you to work up a good lather, so you may not even feel that clean after stepping out of the shower. Your laundry may take on a yellowish hue, and your shower stall door may look grimy with soap scum. Problems are not limited to aesthetic concerns, though.

The buildup that hard water leaves behind on your plumbing fixtures is ugly. The buildup that it leaves behind in your plumbing pipes, however, is much more problematic. It basically makes passage through those pipes tighter and tighter, restricting water flow in teh process.  And that can create issues with water pressure within those pipes, and that, well, that can cause damages.

Using a whole-house water softener is a very easy way in which to deal with the hard water that is distributed throughout your entire home. If you have any questions or want to schedule water softener services, just let us know.

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