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5 Ways to Tell You Have Hard Water

logoYou may have a general idea what “hard water” is, but not know if it’s something that affects your home. Hard water is any water with a high amount of dissolved calcium and magnesium. Water that has 120 milligrams per liter of these minerals is considered to be hard. Unfortunately, this level of concentration is common for the water supply in many parts of Las Vegas. The minerals from the groundwater seep into the freshwater pipes on their way to homes, which makes it difficult to remove excess minerals from the municipal water. 

The best way to counteract troubles with hard water is to have a water softener installed onto the water main for your house. You can have our plumbers in North Las Vegas, NV handle this service, as well as future repairs and maintenance to keep the water softener working for you. 

But first, you have to know you have hard water! We can help you diagnose hard water problems in your house with a list of warning signs.

1. Large amounts of soap scum

After you shower, bathe, or wash your hands or face, does it feel like there’s a film across your skin? This is soap scum, a result of soap failing to dissolve fully in water. This occurs because the soap reacts to the high amounts of calcium in the water, and it’s often the first sign of hard water people notice. 

2. Deposits on fixtures 

The calcium and magnesium in hard water will leave behind limescale deposits in the plumbing. You won’t be able to see the deposits inside the pipes (which will eventually become major problems for the plumbing), but you may see them on faucets and showerheads. The deposits are off-white and flaky. If your showerhead has multiple nozzles blocked up, it’s because of these calcium deposits. 

3. Film on glass surfaces and dishes

The soap scum you feel on your skin from hard water also appears on other washed surfaces. If the glassware and dishes you put through the washing machine are turning dull or you notice a filmy surface across the glass of your shower door, it’s because of reactions between the water and calcium minerals.

4. Difficulty creating soap lather

Do you find that when you try to create soap lather to wash dishes, bathe the dog, clean the floors, or any other job, that the soap quickly goes flat? This is another side effect of hard water minerals reacting with soap. You need more soap in order to get basic cleaning done because of the presence of hard water.

5. Faded colors in the laundry

Hard water tends to leech color from fabrics, another result of the reaction between the minerals and soap. When you start to notice the bright colors from the wash have become muted, it’s warning of hard water.

Our plumbers can easily add a water softener that uses sodium ions to replace hard water minerals. Get in touch with us to learn more about solving your hard water troubles.

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