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Why Is My Water Heater So Loud?

sunny-plumber-doorwayWhen you run an appliance like a water heater, you probably expect a bit of operational noise to come with it. There is a big difference between normal, minimal operational noise and loud, alarming noises, though. Because a water heater is not likely to be installed right in your living space the way that, say,  a dishwasher may be, its sounds may not be quite as obvious. However, there are some sounds you should definitely watch (or listen!) out for.

A water heater may not operate silently, but you cannot afford to ignore those unusual sounds that can pop up from time to time.  They may indicate the need for professional water heater repair in Henderson. Here are a few examples of common water heater noises, and what they may mean. If you encounter these in your home, remember that our Sunny Plumbers are never more than a phone call away. We can get your system back on track promptly.

Popping and Rumbling

This is a common encounter for homeowners using tank-style water heaters. Remember, just because a problem is relatively “common” doesn’t mean it’s not serious, though. This is a major indicator that you’ve problems on your hand. The most likely issue is that you’re overheating water in your water heater.

The solution is not to turn down the temperature control, either. What’s likely happened is that a layer of sediment or mineral deposits has built up at the bottom of the tank, where the water is actually heated. This is a common occurrence in areas with hard water. When that layer develops, water can be trapped beneath it. Then, it’s basically overheating to the point of coming to a boil. Don’t let this happen, as its unsafe and can damage your system.

Sizzling Sounds

This annoying sound has a very likely cause: restricted water flow. Like so many problems that we encounter with our systems and appliances, though, there are several potential causes of that main problem. The simplest is that a valve just isn’t all the way open.

Before you contact our team, just make sure that your inlet valve is open all the way. That will allow water into the tank unobstructed, and may be all that is necessary to solve the problem. Check the pressure relief valve if this is not the issue. If it’s hissing and sizzling and letting water drip out excessively, then you should contact our team to diagnose and resolve the problem.

Humming Sounds

Your water heater should not emit a constant humming sound. This is something that frequently occurs with an electric water heater. Fortunately, it’s generally a pretty benign issue as long as its handled promptly. Most likely, the heating element is loose.

When water enters the water heater and flows over the element, it can loosen it up over time. We can tighten that element down for you in order to stop this annoying sound in its tracks!

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