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Water Heater FAQ: What’s “Standby Energy Loss”?

sunny-techniciansHeating water for showering, cleaning up around the house, doing laundry, etc., is not exactly an “optional” task or a luxury. Most homeowners would define the practice more as a necessity or an expectation in their homes. That’s what makes the water heater in your residence such a vitally important appliance. Just because you need the hot water that your water heater puts out, however, doesn’t mean that you should accept a very high price tag attached to it.

Like any other system, different water heaters have different efficiency levels. We always recommend investing in the best efficiency rating that you can afford. That efficiency rating is not the only factor to consider when it comes to the overall efficiency of your water heater in Henderson, NV, though. You should also be aware of standby energy loss—what it is, what causes it, and what you can do to limit its occurrence. Read on, and let us know what questions you have.

What Is Standby Energy Loss?

Standby energy loss is a problem—an unavoidable problem—that occurs with tank water heaters. Tank water heaters are far and away the most common type of water heater used throughout the country. Their storage tanks are what most people immediately think of when they hear the phrase “water heater.” While keeping hot water stored in a tank for use throughout the home is a great way in which to remain prepared for your needs, it does come at a cost.

That cost is the result of standby energy loss.

This term refers to the fact that heat will transfer through the hot water storage tank’s walls and out into the air surrounding it. Then, you’re water heater is going to have to replace that heat. This means it will essentially be reheating the water stored in its tank. No, it is not going to use the same amount of energy that it initially did in order to heat the water, because that water won’t lose anywhere near all of its heat. However, this is something to consider.

But What Can I Do About It?

Well, there are a few things. First of all, you will want to consider overall efficiency ratings, as mentioned above. Make sure that you’re investing in a system that has a well-insulated tank. You can also but additional insulating products that go on the outside of the tank to further impede energy loss.

If you’re really serious about eliminating standby energy loss, and this is something you’re willing to invest in, then consider eliminating the storage tank entirely. Tankless water heaters are much more expensive than tank water heaters. They are also more efficient and not subject to standby energy loss, though. That means you’ll see a return on your investment, but it is definitely going to be a long-term investment. Our Sunny Plumbers have the answers that you need when it comes to how you heater water in your home.

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