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When Should I Replace My Water Heater?

baby-in-bathPurchasing a new water heater may not be the most exciting investment to make, but there is no denying that hot water is one of those amenities that we really just cannot — or wouldn’t want to — live without. That is why you are going to want to replace your hot water heater before it breaks down entirely.

Yes, we understand that you want to get the best return possible on your initial investment in your water heater. However,  you don’t want to push things so far that you wind up with no hot water following a total breakdown.

So how do you decide if the time is right for a water heater replacement? We have a few tips to help you make that decision. If you have any questions, be sure to give us a call. Not only do we have a variety of water heaters for you to choose from, but we’ll make sure that yours is of the right size for your demands and that it integrated into your plumbing system properly.


One major factor to keep in mind when it comes to your water heater replacement in Las Vegas, NV is the age of your system. Now, water heaters are not rigged to self-destruct at a certain point, and no one can tell you with certainty just how long your water heater really is going to last. However,  you can generally expect to get 12 years or so out of a tank water heater, with tankless systems lasting up to 20-25 years. If you know that your system is nearing the projected endpoint of its lifespan, then replacing the system in advance is a smart option.


You should also take the overall energy efficiency of your water heater into account. If your water heater is costing more than it should to heat the water that you need for use throughout your home, then you may want to cut your losses and invest in a more efficient model. You may also have invested in a relatively inefficient model at the time of purchase, perhaps to save some money upfront.

For most people, the cost of a new water heater represents a considerable investment. That being said,  a more efficient model can save you a lot of money in the long run. Weigh your priorities, and turn to us with any questions. Sometimes a long-term return on investment is the way to go.


Are you simply unsatisfied with your water heater? Do you want to try out a tankless water heater, in place of your existing tank model? Does your water heater run out of hot water frequently? Whatever the case may be, remember that this type of dissatisfaction is reason enough for a water heater replacement. This appliance plays a big role in your life each and every day, and you should be 100% satisfied with its performance.

Schedule your water heater services with The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas. We’re Bright and Shiney and Won’t Show Our Hiney!

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