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Why Schedule a Water Heater Replacement?

sunny-plumber-doorwayOn the scale of very exciting to “oh man, do I have to?”, replacing your water heater probably lands down toward the latter. Look, nobody is going to suggest that replacing your air conditioning system is the most exciting way in which to spend your hard-earned money. That being said, it is still something that you’ll have to do eventually. If and when you do, you want to be sure that you are working with skilled, experienced professionals that will get the job done right.

That’s why you want The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas to handle your water heater replacement in Las Vegas, NV.

However, you really shouldn’t wait until you have no hot water—or a basement full of it!—before you schedule your water heater replacement. Instead, contact the professional water heater technicians on our team if you find yourself in any of the situations below. Hot water may be a normal part of everyday life in this modern age, but that doesn’t mean it is a luxury you can afford to take for granted!

Signs of Rust, Corrosion, or Obvious Leaks

If you use a tank water heater, the last thing that you want to see is water pouring out of that tank. Why? Because once the tank goes, it’s time for a new water heater. If anyone tells you that they can patch up your hot water tank and make it safe and reliable once again, you know that you are dealing with an individual that you cannot trust.

If you see corrosion or rust on the tank, you should definitely have the system evaluated. It may be due to humid conditions in the storage area, or moisture coming from the relief valve. However, it could also indicate that there is a leak in the tank, and that is an issue that you want to deal with immediately.

High Energy Costs

You want to have a sufficient amount of hot water to use in your home. You want it, and you deserve it. If you are paying too high of a price for it, though, you may be less inclined to use hot water the way that you actually want to in your living space. We believe that you deserve a lot better than that.

That is why you may want to replace your water heater, even if it is technically still functioning properly. While there is a cost in doing so, it will help you to save money in the long run. Long-term efficiency, if you ask us, is well worth the initial investment. 

Insufficient Hot Water

Do your showers run cold? Have you noticed that the tap water is lukewarm at times when other water-using appliances or fixtures are in use? Whatever the case may be, your overall satisfaction is impossible to achieve when you don’t have enough hot water for your needs.

If you encounter this problem, you may need to invest in a bigger, more powerful system. You may want to supplement your existing setup with a tankless water heater. Whatever the case may be, count on our team to find the right solution for your needs.

Schedule your water heater services with us. Bright and shiny and won’t show our hiney.

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