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Why Might a Sump Pump Fail?

sump-pump-installationThere are a lot of issues that homeowners benefit from planning ahead for. A flooded lower level in their house is one of them. Now, we don’t deal with torrential downpours frequently or rapid snowmelt ever. This does not mean that flooding in the lowest level of one’s home is never something to worry about, however. We do have storms, and there is always the risk of a pipe bursting, too. That is why it’s such a good idea to have a sump pump in your home.

Like any other mechanical system, a sump pump can fail. Understanding why a sump pump may fail is very important, because it will help you to better understand how you can avoid that issue. Be sure to contact us if and when you require any sump pump services in North Las Vegas, NV. Even our outstanding plumbers cannot make your sump pump 100% reliable, but we can definitely get it as close as possible.

What a Sump Pump Does

Okay, before we talk about why your sump pump may fail, let’s first just offer a refresher of what the sump puump does. It’s really quite simple — it pumps! More specifically, the sump pump is a device that (should) activate automatically when the water in the sump pit reaches a certain level. The sump pump pumps this water out of the pit and away from your home to avoid the damages that can result from flooding or even just very damp conditions.

Common Causes of Failure

Like so many other mechanical systems, a professional installation and routine maintenance are paramount to the successful operation of your sump pump. If you try to install the pump yourself, or you fail to have it inspected and tuned up as needed on a regular basis, then you are setting your sump pump up for failure.

Improper sizing is another common reason that a sump pump may falter in its operation. Remember, even a sump pump that is working properly will be overwhelmed if it is simply unable to handle the demand placed on it. That is why you should have a professional assess your property and your water removal needs.

A sump pump may also suffer from a power failure, which is a prime example of why having a battery backup in place is such a good idea. Just because the power goes out doesn’t mean that you can make do without your sump pump. In fact, the instances in which a sump pump is working are likely ones in which power failures are common, too!

Finally, it is possible that your sump pump just has a defect. Testing the sump pump regularly, even when it is routinely maintained, is very important in ruling out any such defects. You can simply dump some water into the sump pit from time to time to ensure that the switch is activating the pump reliably and that the sump pump is working effectively.

Schedule your sump pump services with our plumbers. Bright and Shiny and won’t show our Hiney.

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