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Why Does My Toilet Just Keep Running?

sunny-plumber-doorwayIt doesn’t take very long for us to get used to strange sounds in our homes. Sure, they might give the little ones some cause for concern,  particularly around bedtime, but for the most part it just becomes white noise. In many instances, this is totally fine. Houses tend to creak and settle over time. However, certain sounds really should not be ignored. This is the case with a running toilet. It doesn’t take that long for a toilet tank to fill.

If your toilet tank keeps running, running, and running, then you may need professional plumbing services to deal with the issue. It is also possible that a few moments of your own time can resolve the problem. Today, our Las Vegas bathroom plumbing pros are going to help you understand why your toilet may be running continually.  We’ll also help you to understand when it’s time to call the pros! The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas is here for you.

The Best Case Scenario

You’re not a professional plumber, or else you would not be turning to us for this information. The good news is that there is one specific instance in which you do not need to be a professional plumber in order to deal with the problem of a running toilet. That is when the flapper is just misaligned. The flapper seals up the drain hole at the bottom of the tank through which the bowl is filled.

If that flapper is not lined up properly to seal that drain hole, then a simple readjustment may be necessary. If the flapper is old, curled up, or cracked, it is quite simple to replace. Unfortunately, this is only the best case scenario out of a few potential causes of the problem. It is also possible that there are more serious issues at play.

Is the Tank Itself Leaking?

Have you noticed water pooling around the floor of your toilet? That’s never a great sign, but it’s also not one that is always a huge deal. It’s possible, for instance, that your home is too humid and that moisture is condensing on your toilet tank. If that’s the case, then dehumidifying your home can solve the problem. You may also have a leak in a water supply line. That’s more serious and requires professional repairs, but again, not a major issue.

However, it could also mean that you have a leak in your toilet tank itself. That is a big issue, and the only real solution to the problem is to replace the leaking toilet. You cannot repair such a leak reliably. You can always contact a member of our team when you need such services. We’ll make the toilet replacement process as quick and painless as possible.

Regardless of how serious the problem is, remember that you are wasting water every moment that you allow your toilet tank to continue running. Not only that, but you are wasting the money that you’ve spent paying for water that you haven’t even used!

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