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Why Are Water Main Leaks Such a Big Deal?

logoWe know that, for some of you, the idea of a leak in a main water line is obviously a serious problem. However, that old “out of sight, out of mind” mentality has really sunk its claws into some homeowners. When you add in the fact that some water main leaks can actually be relatively small, it only compounds the issue. We are here to tell you in no uncertain terms, however, that a water main leak of any magnitude is a big problem.

There are also those homeowners that hear something like “main water line leak” and understand that this is a problem, but they may lack the specifics about why it’s such a problem. That’s what we’re going to cover today. You may think that you can live with some symptoms of a leak, and maybe you can. When you start to see the big picture of precisely what a main water line leak in Las Vegas can mean for you, though, you’ll see why immediate service is the right choice.

You’re Probably Paying for It

This can depend upon the location of the leak in the line, but it’s best just to assume that any leak in your plumbing system, water line included, is going to result in water waste that you ultimately wind up paying for. Water is a very valuable resource, which is why we happily pay to have it piped into our homes. That doesn’t mean that you should be satisfied with overpaying for water because you’re letting some of it go to waste, though. If your water bill is creeping up, a main water line leak could be to blame.

Your Water Pressure May Drop

Not every leaking water line is going to result in a drop in water pressure, just like every drop in water pressure is not necessarily the result of a water line leak. It could be the case, though, and we’ll be able to tell you whether or not it is for certain after assessing your system and your property. If you have a  sudden drop in water pressure, particularly if none of your neighbors seem to be experiencing the same issue, then a water line leak could well be to blame.

Your Water Quality Can Suffer

When you think of a water line leaking, you are right to immediately think of the issues stemming from water leaking out of that pipe. What about the sediment and other contaminants that can make their way into your pipe through such leaks, though? Main water line leaks can seriously drag down the quality of the water in your home, which is a pretty compelling reason for addressing them immediately.

You WILL Pay for It Eventually

Okay, you’re fine with paying for water that goes to waste, for whatever reason. What about all the damage that that water can do to your property, though? What about potential damages to your home’s foundation? That type of damage can be much more expensive than wasted water and plumbing repairs combined.

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