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When Is Repiping Necessary?

plumberThere are some plumbing jobs that are relatively routine. Clearing out a drain or two, for instance, is something that our seasoned plumbers can usually get done quickly, and always get done right. Then there are other plumbing services that are definitely a lot more involved. Then, there are those jobs that are just really, really big. That is where repiping tends to fall, and this is just another reason why you are going want to skilled professionals that you can trust handling your repiping in Las Vegas, NV.

Repiping a house is a job that even the most avid DIY-enthusiast probably would not dream of taking on his or herself, but let us reiterate: this is a job for professional plumbers. Our expertise, gained through years of extensive training and hands-on experience, is just what a job like this needs to guarantee that the right decisions are made every step of the way. From determining the extent of the project to selecting materials, you are in good hands when working with us.

When to Consider Repiping

There are a few different scenarios in which you may want to consider repiping your house. Typically, we advise against waiting for problems to develop before scheduling service. However, the likelihood of anyone choosing to repipe their entire house just because the pipes are getting older — but still working just fine — is very slim.

If you have old galvanized steel piping in your house, then repiping with more modern materials, such as copper or even PEX, is a good idea. Most commonly, though, homeowners are going to wait until something goes wrong before repiping. That’s okay, but you really have to be realistic about what you’re getting into when deciding between piping and repairs.

Should be unfortunate enough to run into a slab leak beneath the concrete slab of your home, for instance, repiping may not be a bad idea. If there is a very obvious reason as to why a single section of piping failed, repairs or replacing just that one segment may be fine. Typically, though, once one section of piping blows out like that, others are likely to follow. Plus, integrating new pipes into an existing system may not result in a great interaction between older and newer parts. Considering the extent of jobs like slab leak services, it’s often a better idea to get it all done at once.

Another scenario in which repiping is advisable is if you have a condition such as copper pinhole leaks throughout your pipes. Any such leaks, or even dimpling suggesting such leaks are on their way, are unlikely to be contained to one specific spot. Sure, you may just have been lucky enough to have them develop in a clearly visible area of exposed pipe. More likely, though, is the situation in which there are other pipes that you cannot see, but which are similarly afflicted.

The bottom line here really is that every case is different. As outstanding as our technical services are, the clear, straightforward, informed, and honest advice that you’ll receive from our plumbers is equally important. When you hire The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas to do the job, you can rest assured that you are making decisions with well-deserved confidence.

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