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What to Keep Out of Your Garbage Disopsal

sunny-techniciansDo you have a garbage disposal in your home? If not—what are you waiting for? While the garbage disposal may not be as essential a plumbing appliance as, say, your water heater or your washing machine, it does have many great benefits to offer. Fewer trips to the curb with garbage, quicker cleanup times, and just more convenience in general. If you think that you put just anything down your garbage disposal, however—think again! Some items aren’t appropriate.

Not only are some materials best kept out of your garbage disposal, but some of them aren’t quite what you’d expect, either. We get it. Using a garbage disposal isn’t all that complicated. That doesn’t mean that you can just dive into it,  though. If you’re new to your garbage disposal in Paradise, NV, or if you’ve run into trouble and think you may have caused it, read this post carefully. And, as always, schedule your plumbing services with us.

First Things First

A. You need your garbage disposal installed by a trained professional. For some reason, perhaps due to the relative ease of access, or maybe because you’re not plumbing a water line into the device, some homeowners seem to think that a garbage disposal installation is a good DIY project for a weekend. That is not the case. Don’t risk damaging your new equipment and your existing plumbing by trying to install your disposal yourself.

B. You always need to run water when you’re using your garbage disposal. Your disposal won’t chop up waste like a blender. It’s really more of a grinder, and adding water to the equation thins everything out to make it more manageable for your pipes. If you don’t run water, you risk clogging your drain with materials that are appropriate for the disposal, and you can damage the unit itself, too.

Now, let’s look at what you need to keep out of your disposal.

What to Throw in the Trash

  • Fruit Pits: these pits are really too hard for your disposal to do much with. They cannot really be processed by the grinding of your disposal, and can strain the system and do damage.
  • Rice, Beans, Pasta. Yes, really. These materials aren’t hard, necessarily, but they are absorbent. If you’re talking about something that needs to be boiled or soaked in preparation, then the trash or compost is where to put it. Otherwise, they can absorb water, swell up in the drain, and cause clogs.
  • FOG: Fat. Oil. Grease. Keep it all out! These materials are liquid when hot, which you know if you’ve ever roasted the bird for Thanksgiving. What you may not realize is that all of that fat and grease will congeal when it cools down—especially in your cool, dark pipes! That can lead to very serious clogs.

Don’t let something like a garbage disposal, designed specifically to make your life easier, lead to serious problems with your plumbing system.

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