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What Shouldn’t Go Down My Garbage Disposal?

question-markHave you been thinking about ways in which to make your home a more convenient place? Are you investing in a kitchen remodel, and want to ensure that you get everything you want done completed the first time around? Then you should definitely think about installing a garbage disposal in your kitchen. While garbage disposals are not as vital to your day to day life as, say, a water heater, they can still be incredibly beneficial overall.

If you are purchasing a new garbage disposal, or if you already have one in place, then you should take care to use it properly. Most issues with garbage disposals and their overall operation tend to stem from user error. Among the most common of these errors is simply putting something down the disposal that you shouldn’t have. Preventing problems with your garbage disposal in Las Vegas, NV is sometimes as simple as being a bit more careful in this regard.

But Won’t My Garbage Disposal Just Chop Everything Up?

Not only will your garbage disposal fail to chop up everything that you put down the drain, it will fail to chop up anything that you put down the drain! A fundamental misunderstanding of the garbage disposal in general is that it has blades and acts as some sort of powerful blender, chopping through all that dares cross into its territory. In fact, a garbage disposal does not have any blades at all!

Instead, the system uses impellers and centrifugal force in order to grind the items that you drop into it into a fine paste. This slurry is then drained out of your home through the drain and sewer system, which is why you must keep the water running when you use the garbage disposal. So what cannot go down the disposal?

  • Very hard items, such as animal bones and fruit pits. These materials can be too hard for the disposal to grind up properly, and can damage the grinding mechanism. Some newer, high-end disposals claim to handle such materials just fine, but always exercise caution and refer to the literature on your specific make and model when in doubt.
  • Very fibrous materials, such as celery stalks or corn husks. While these materials may not damage the disposal in the same way that a peach pit would, they can get wrapped up in your system and cause it to overheat. Straining the system in such a manner can lead to damages and even a breakdown.
  • FOG, or fats, oil, and grease. These materials should never go down the drain, regardless of whether you have a disposal or not. Sure, they may be liquids when they’re hot. Once they are met with the cool water that you’re running down the disposal and in your pipes, though, they can congeal and cause serious clogs. Grinding them up won’t accomplish anything to avoid this.

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