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What Plumbing Jobs MUST Have a Professional Plumber?

sunny-plumber-doorwayWe understand that people want to find ways to handle household maintenance and repair jobs themselves, if possible. There’s nothing wrong with having a DIY work ethic—as long as you know the limits of what you and the tools you have can do. Doing repairs to the porch or fixing gutters is much different than handling electrical work. Or plumbing. 

Unfortunately, plumbing is a field where many people assume that DIY work can handle most jobs. A set of wrenches and few online videos, and there’s nothing a homeowner can’t fix with their plumbing. It’s not true, however. Except for several basic tasks, such as putting in new aerators for faucets, most plumbing services require a licensed plumber. Below we’re going to look at several plumbing jobs that you absolutely must call a professional plumber in Las Vegas, NV to handle. 

Installing a new toilet

Trust us, this is a job you don’t want to do on your own. It requires prying up the current toilet from the ground, removing it, and bringing in the new one and connecting it to the plumbing. This is a work-intensive service that can make a massive mess out of your bathroom, even possibly damaging it, if done wrong. You’ll save time, money, and enormous aggravation by hiring a professional.

Fixing hidden leaks

You know you’ve got a leak in the house, and you probably have a general idea where the leaking pipe is located behind the drywall of the ceilings or walls. Now what? Call a professional plumber. You don’t want to risk tearing open the drywall to reach the pipe if you don’t know exactly where it’s located. And fixing the leak is much more complicated than sticking some gum on the pipe. Often the pipe section needs to be removed and replaced. Our plumbers have the tools for leak detection and the training to precisely locate and fix them. 

Drain cleaning

This is a bit of borderline area, since you sometimes can clear out obstructions in your drainpipes with a basic sink or toilet plunger. We don’t discourage using plungers for the job, or simple drain augers. But use any further methods, particularly chemical drain cleaners, which can severely damage the pipes and aren’t all that effective. Professional drain cleaning requires using powerful tools such as motorized drain augers and hydro-jetters, and only people with special training and protective gear can handle this work safely and accurately. 

Anything to do with gas piping

Gas piping is part of the plumbing in your home, and our professional plumbers offer service to install and repair gas lines. We cannot stress enough how important it is to leave work with gas lines and gas mains and gas valves to licensed professionals—the hazards of amateur work here can be extreme. In fact, it may even be illegal in your jurisdiction. So whether you need lines put in for a new appliance or suspect there are gas leaks, shut off the gas main and give us a call.

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