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What Makes a Tankless Water Heater Such a Great Investment?

sunny-techniciansWhen you think about the investments that you might make around your home, we’ll be the first to admit that some are more, shall we say, exciting than others. A brand new deck, new siding on the house to give it a much-needed facelift, etc. While these investments will definitely give an aesthetic upgrade to your home, however, you cannot overlook the importance of less obvious investments—such as that you could make in the water heater department.

Now, a new water heater may not earn the oohs and ahs that your new deck or siding project might. It really should, though. While it may not be as eye-catching a change as either of those other examples, it is a great way in which to save money over the years. Particularly when you go the tankless route. If you’re in the market for a new water heater in Las Vegas, and you’re not considering a tankless model, be sure to keep the following information in mind!

Yes, the Initial Investment Is Significant

We won’t lie to you. A tankless water heater, even the cheapest model out there, is not going to be the most affordable system to purchase upfront. The mistake that too many homeowners make is seeing that sticker price, and then shying away from these systems because of that relatively high initial cost. You have to keep the long term benefits in mind when making your new water heater decision.

One of the major factors to consider is time. How long do you plan on being in your current home? If the answer is “oh, another few years or so,” then you may well want to consider a cheaper tank water heater. If your answer is more along the lines of “I’m not going anywhere any time soon,” however, then a tankless system should absolutely be on the table.

It Is a Long Term Investment

When we talk about tankless water heaters, there are two major benefits that should be kept in mind. The first is certainly energy efficiency.  When you use a tankless water heater to heat water in an on-demand fashion, you completely eliminate all standby energy loss that you’d encounter with even the most energy-efficient tank models. That is what grants tankless water heaters such great efficiency. However, the other factor to consider is time. Specifically, we’re talking about lifespan.

Tank water heaters are typically going to last in the 12-15 year range, and their efficiency is probably going to slide in those later years. A tankless system, on the other hand, will last you in excess of twenty years. So, while you are paying more money upfront for the system itself, you are also going to be enjoying both a longer life cycle and better efficiency throughout that life cycle. That’s where you see the long term investment really paying off. There is no single water heater that is right for everyone, of course, so let us know if you have any questions.

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