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What FOG Means for Your Drain and Sewer System

sunny-techniciansWait a second—FOG? What could FOG possibly have to do with my drain and sewer system? It’s not like I’m going to be driving my sewer line through heavy FOG. And, for that matter—why are capitalizing FOG like this?

All valid questions, and with one simple answer. We’re not talking about the fog you see in those movies set in the moors. We’re talking about the acronym FOG, and that stands for fat, oil, and grease.

And fat, oil, and grease can spell major problems for the drain and sewer system in your home. If you are serious about keeping your plumbing system functioning properly and without giving you any headaches, then you really need to be careful about how you’re handling and disposing of FOG in your residence. We’ve got some tips and tricks that will help you to navigate these FOGgy waters successfully. As always, reach out to our Sunny Plumbers for great plumbing services in Las Vegas.

Where Does Fog Come From?

From cooking, mostly. When you fry up that bacon for the family breakfast, or when you roast that bird for the holiday dinner, you’re left with fat and grease in the pan. You may also use different oils when sauteeing up some vegetables as a side dish, or frying your eggs. Regardless, that’s where FOG typically enters the equation. Unfortunately, that’s not where it exits the picture. Now that the cooking is done, you’ve got to dispose of that FOG. And that is where homeowners sometimes get themselves into trouble.

Disposing of Fog

The most convenient way in which to get rid of fats, oil, and grease in your home may seem to be by dumping it down the kitchen sink drain. We get it. It’s right there! However, there is a major problem with this. Fat, oil, and grease may be liquids when they’re hot, but as they cool down they congeal and solidify. When that happens in your dark, cool pipes, serious clogs can develop. It’s just another instance of a common fact of life. The easiest way of handling a situation typically is not the right way.

So Where Does It Go?

Save your soup cans. Or bean cans. Or any cans at all that you may use in your home. The contents of those cans don’t really matter, provided that they’ve been emptied out before the next step!

Pour off the FOG from your pans into these cans, and then pop them into the freezer. Once trash day rolls around, take them out of the freezer, toss them in the trash, and that’s that. No clogs in the drain and sewer system caused by congealed fats and grease.

Also, just for the record—your garbage disposal really does not enter this equation. If you do have a garbage disposal, that’s great for disposing of all manner of organic waste. However, no amount of processing in the garbage disposal is going to eliminate the risk of clogs associated with FOG. The trash is the way to go.

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