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What Can Cause Plumbing Leaks?

sunny-plumber-vanIf you clicked this blog open hoping to unlock answers about how you can completely avoid the risk of plumbing clogs in your home, then you are going to finish it feeling unfulfilled. Let’s put it this way. So long as you depend upon pipes and fixtures to distribute water throughout your home, as well as to remove waste and wastewater from it, there is a good chance that you are going to run into plumbing leaks at some point.

If and when you do, you’ll want a professional plumber in Paradise, NV, on the case immediately. Plumbing issues are not any minor inconvenience.  They can do real damage to your home, really fast. We strongly urge you to schedule repairs the moment that you suspect a broken pipe of any kind in your residence or on your property. So why bother familiarizing yourself with potential causes of plumbing leaks? Knowledge is a powerful tool in prevention!

Ground Can Shift

No, it doesn’t have to be the site of major seismic activity to damage pipes, either. Shifting ground can happen for a number of reasons, from minor tremors even to nearby construction to natural settling of the earth.  Because so many pipes obviously run through the ground, it is very possible for shifting ground to compromise the integrity of those pipes.

Pipes Degrade

Perhaps the simplest explanation for why pipes might leak is also one of the most unfortunate. Simply put, pipes degrade over time. That being said, not all pipes are as prone to degradation as others. If your home is very old, it may have very outdated piping materials in place. That means that a serious leak, or several of them, is probably a reality you’ll face soon. Even copper pipes can degrade over time, however, and plastics as well. No pipe is going to last forever!

Water Quality

Believe it or not, the quality of the water coursing through your pipes could also play a role in damaging those pipes. If you have water with certain properties in it, or even hard water that is leaving a lot of residue behind in your pipes, then it is entirely possible for that to contribute to damaged pipes. Remember, even something as “minor” as mineral deposits will lead to restriction in your pipes that can throw off pressure in the system.

Construction/Renovation Accidents

Hopefully you’re working with trained professionals when constructing additions or completing renovations to your home. Never trust individuals without proven track records and happy customers willing to vouch for them. And, if you are capable and choose to handle such jobs on your own, for goodness sake: watch out for your pipes! Even if you don’t cause major and immediate damage to pipes in the walls, minor leaks that get sealed away from view are going to do damage over time. Mistakes happen, but you need to rectify them ASAP to prevent further damage.

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