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What Can Cause Good Water Pressure to Go Low?

sunny-techniciansIf you start out with low water pressure in your home, then it is probably something that you’ll take care of right away. Hopefully, if you use to have good water pressure, and it suddenly drops off, you’ll act even more quickly. There are a number of different issues that can cause water pressure to drop, and none of them are great. The good news is that our Sunny Plumbers are here to help, whatever the issue may be.

While you may think that a drop in water pressure is little more than a minor annoyance in your home, the fact is that these “minor” annoyances are often early warning signs of more serious problems in development. When it comes to plumbing problems in Paradise, you really need to remember that the longer you wait, the worse off your plumbing system is likely to be. So reach out at the first sign of trouble, and remember that there’s more on the line than you may think.

Is It a Localized Problem?

There are different ways that a drop in pressure may manifest in your home. If you only notice the problem at one particular fixture in the house, then it is likely a very localized problem. You may have a leak in the supply pipe to that fixture, for instance. It’s important to remember that a localized problem isn’t a less serious problem than a house-wide issue. Even a minor leak in one specific area can lead to substantial damages to your home.

Is It an Issue Throughout the House?

If so, then there are a few different potential causes.  You could have a leak in your main water line. Check out the area surrounding the main water line on your property. Is it damp? Is it squishy? If so, then it’s very likely that you’re dealing with a main water line leak. Not only does that pose a serious threat of water damage to your property,  but it also means that you’re paying for water that you’re not even getting to use in your home!

Now, if it doesn’t seem like there’s a leak in your water line based on these indicators, then go ahead and call the local facilities in your area. Check in with your neighbors, too.  It could be that an event like a fire requiring the use of fire hydrants in the area has resulted in a widespread drop in water pressure. In that case, there’s not really any action that you need to take. Just wait it out, and be thankful when your water pressure is back up where it ought to be.

If you have any questions at all regarding this or any other plumbing issues in your house, don’t hesitate to give us a call. You shouldn’t try to fix most problems on your own, but a bit of knowledge can help you to assess your situation and make an informed decision.

Schedule your plumbing repairs with The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas. Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.

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