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Tips for Protecting Kitchen Plumbing

sunny-plumber-vanWhile the bathroom may be the single room in home that is most closely associated with plumbing, the kitchen in those homes is at least a very close second place. Why? Well, the bathroom aside, the kitchen is certainly the area in your home where you have the most direct interaction with your plumbing system. There is the sink, of course, but there is also the garbage disposal, the dishwasher, and so on. With so much plumbing comes the risk of plumbing problems.

We certainly are not going to contend that there is a way in which to completely eliminate the risk of problems developing with your kitchen plumbing in Las Vegas. That being said, we can definitely give you some tips to help keep those problems at bay! While there is no way in which to completely avoid them, that doesn’t change the fact that many kitchen plumbing issues stem from problems that could have easily been avoided with a bit more diligence.

Be Careful When Soaking Pots and Pans!

Or washing dishes in general, really. If you have guests over, they may think that they are helping out by putting their plates in the sink at the end of the meal. That may be helpful for cleaning up the table, but it can spell trouble for your drains in the kitchen sink. If you don’t want to be nagging your guests with reminders about scraping their plates into the barrel before doing so, then be sure to handle clean up yourself.

On the topic of cleaning up, be careful about dealing with fats, oil, and grease (FOG), too. While these materials may be liquids when warm, they can cause a sticky situation in drains when they cool down. Greasy roasting pans should be wiped out or have hot fat poured off before being put in the sink to soak!

Remove Drain Covers and Clean Dishwasher Filters

Covering up your drains with simple traps is a great way to prevent issues with clogs. You need to remember to remove and clean them regularly, though. Otherwise, the organic matter that they trap will start to break down, sliming its way through the trap and causing trouble (while also making a real stink!).

You will also want to clean the filter in your dishwasher as suggested by its manufacturer (though, really, there is no such thing as cleaning it too often, if you ask us). Keeping this filter clean helps to protect the dishwasher itself, as well as the pipes that may be clogged as waste in the filter finally starts to make its way through.

Make Sure People Know You Don’t Have a Garbage Disposal!

This one sounds like a bit of a joke, but people with garbage disposals will make the mistake of assuming that you have one, too! They’ll probably only realize it as they look around for a switch that simply isn’t there. And at that point, it may well be too little, too late.

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