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Spooky Halloween Plumbing Sound—Water Hammer!

sunny-plumber-doorwayIt’s October, and many people enjoy decorating their homes with spooky Gothic decorations and colorful depictions of ghosts, witches, mummies, and vampires. But when strange noises start coming from the plumbing, it’s not a joyful Halloween treat. If you’ve got plumbing that sends out surprising banging and clanging noises, it’s a problem that may require plumbing repair in Las Vegas, NV

This problem has a name, and it’s an, ahem, striking one: Water hammer

Let’s explore this definitely non-spooky but nonetheless serious plumbing issue.

The Causes of Water Hammer

It’s hard to mistake the noise of water hammer: it’s close to its name, a clanging sound like someone struck the metal pipes in the walls with the hammer. The sound usually occurs after the flow of water is shut off somewhere in the house, such as turning off a faucet or when the dishwasher stops using water. 

The noise is the result of a shockwave inside the pipe. When the flow of water is abruptly stopped in a freshwater pipe, the energy from the water transfers into a shockwave. When this wave strikes the end of the pipe, it creates the noise of water hammer.

Why don’t you hear water hammer each time you shut off a faucet in your home? Because your plumbing is designed to absorb the shockwave. Freshwater pipes have air cushions inside them that prevent the shockwave from creating noise or causing the pipe to vibrate. However, these cushions can become waterlogged, leading to water hammer. 

Another common source of water hammer is high water pressure, which makes it easier for the shockwaves to overcome the air cushions and create vibrations.

Why Water Hammer Is a Problem

Even if you don’t mind the sound from water hammer, it isn’t something you want occurring in your plumbing system. These sharp shockwaves can create damage to both the pipes and water-using appliances. One of the most common reasons for pipes to come loose and develop leaks is because of the continued vibrations from water hammer. Water hammer can also warn or other troubles in pipes, such as high water pressure or an aging plumbing system.

How We Can Solve Water Hammer

You’re ready for this startling water hammer problem to go away. We’re right there with you! Contact our plumbers and we’ll investigate the source of the water hammer and then determine the right way to go about fixing it. 

If the problem is waterlogged air cushions, we can restore those. We can also add water buffers to pipes that provide extra protection against the shockwaves. In the case of high water pressure, we’ll install a pressure arrestor onto the water main that will lower the water pressure throughout the house to safe levels. In some situations, we may recommend repiping for extremely old pipes.

You can trust that we’ll locate the trouble and find the best solution. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority!

Reach out to The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas for all your plumbing repairs. Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney!

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