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Do You Know the Signs of a Gas Leak?

mom-dad-and-daughterIf not, then you should really familiarize yourself with them. Natural gas is, without a doubt, one of the greatest resources available to homeowners today. Natural gas can be used to fuel water heaters, ovens, ranges, water heaters, and even clothes dryers. If you are serious about using natural gas safely in your home, though, you need to know that there is a chance that you’ll encounter a gas leak at some point. If and when you do, prompt action is an absolute necessity.

The key to having any issues with gas leaks resolved immediately is to spot the signs that there is potentially a gas leak on your property to begin with. Following, you’ll find some information to help you do so. Should you ever suspect that there is a problem with your gas line in Las Vegas, report the issue to the appropriate authorities, vacate the house, and count on our plumbers to handle any necessary gas line services. 

Protecting Your Home from Gas Leaks

As we’re sure you know, natural gas is very combustible. That’s precisely why we pipe it into our homes to generate heat and controlled flames, right? Well, if you have gas leaking on your property, this matter of combustibility is a major concern. Before substantial amounts of natural gas build up in your home, you need to have leaks repaired. Keep an eye — and nose — out for these signs of trouble.

  • Dying vegetation on the property, especially in the vicinity of the gas line, can indicate a leak. Natural gas is not exactly good for shrubs, grass, and bushes. If you have a leak in any given area of your home, it is likely that you’ll start to see the yellowing of vegetation in that area.
  • Dirt blowing up into the air may just seem like an odd natural phenomenon, but it may be the result of a gas leak. If you see dirt blowing upward in your yard, that dirt could be propelled by natural gas escaping from your gas line. Don’t downplay this potentially serious issue just because it seems innocuous.
  • A rotten egg odor is a pretty clear sign that you may have a gas leak on your property. Sure, it’s possible that you just have not cleaned out your refrigerator recently enough. It is also possible that you are smelling the additive put into natural gas precisely to help with the detection of leaks, though.
  • Flickering, inconsistent flames on pilot lights in gas-burning appliances could also indicate that there are leaks. It could be an issue with the system or appliance itself, or with the gas piping servicing that system or appliance. Either way, you should have the situation assessed by a trained professional sooner than later.

In some instances, working with an HVAC contractor to repair an issue with a gas burner or pilot may be the right course of action. If the issue is with either your gas piping or your gas line itself, though, you are going to need professional plumbers to work on the pipes. Schedule your gas line services with the professionals here at The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas.

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