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Hire a Professional for Sump Pump Services

flooded-houseThere are a few plumbing tasks that you can handle on your own. Plunging the toilet, for instance, or, if you’re so inclined, replacing the flapper at the bottom of the tank if it is degraded and causing the toilet to run continually. Beyond these pretty basic steps, though, plumber services are best left to a professional plumber in Las Vegas, NV.

This is certainly true when designing, installing, or repairing a plumbing system at large. It is also true when incorporating new components into an existing system, though.

If you are ready to have a sump pump installed in your home, or if you need your sump pump repaired or just inspected for proper operating conditions, we are the professionals to call. While we don’t have to deal with rapid snowmelt or very frequent heavy rainfalls, there are definitely plenty of opportunities for the sump pump to save your hide—including those in which your plumbing system itself is the cause of the water event in your home.

How a Sump Pump Works

It’s really quite simple. A sump pump is one of those devices that serves just one purpose, but it needs to serve that purpose reliably—pumping water out of the lowest point in your home when, for whatever reason, water is building up. It does this via activation by a float switch or a pressure sensor. Once the pump is activated, it just runs until the water level falls below the point of activation, at which point it will shut back down.

The pump should be installed at the lowest point of your home, and it must be installed professionally. If there is no sump pit in your house already, then you are going to need one excavated. You need to know that you are using the right pump for your needs—they may be submerged in the pump or sit upon a pedestal—and you need to know that it is going to be able to handle the demand placed on it when its time comes.

Test Your Pump Regularly

While your sump pump definitely needs to be professionally installed, and potentially paired with a backup sump pump that runs on a battery to ensure coverage when the power goes out, you should be testing it regularly on your own. Like a whole-house generator or smoke alarms, the sump pump is a device that you hopefully are not actually going to be using very frequently. When you do need it, however, you need to be certain that it is working properly.

To test the pump, simply pour water into the sump pit until the level hits the activation point. Hang around to ensure that the pump starts right up, and continues to run without strange sounds or signs of struggle until enough water is pumped out to allow it to shut back down. You can also kill the power supply to the main pump in order to test the battery backup, if you have one in place. Contact The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas with any questions that you may have.

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