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Prepare for Proper Repiping

How is your plumbing? While many homeowners might say “good” or “fine,” or even “I don’t know,” it could be struggling right under your nose. The fact of the matter is, there are a variety of issues that can be caused by having old or broken plumbing, the problem is that homeowners will keep ignoring them until the very last minute when their system is literally falling apart!

We hope that after reading this blog post, you’ll at least consider repiping in Las Vegas, NV if any of the following points are familiar. There’s no reason why you should suffer for years on end with many plumbing problems when there’s an appropriate solution in repiping. Our team can provide quality repiping services that will last for decades on end, giving you instant relief from water pressure issues, rust-colored water, and other ailments that come from broken plumbing.

Signs of Necessary New Pipes

If you’re wondering about whether or not your pipes are in good condition, here are a few signals that could be telling you that your plumbing needs help.

  • Discolored water. If you’ve got water that’s constantly coming out of your faucets as a brownish or reddish color, it could be a sign that your pipes have gotten rusty or moldy. Most importantly, don’t drink or bathe in water that’s showing these colors. Contact a professional plumber to check the quality of your water, if it’s contaminated then you might need a repiping procedure to fix the problem.
  • Low water pressure. Did you have better water pressure a few years ago? Are you dealing with a poorly pressurized shower or faucet now? Water pressure doesn’t get worse over time, that’s not natural. This could be a sign that your piping is failing and that you need repiping services to restore proper water pressure.
  • Strange tastes. If you drink your water regularly, you’ll notice the subtle taste change. If it tastes rusty, or like it’s full of minerals, or worse—moldy, then you’re going to need a professional to address the problem as soon as possible. Have your pipes inspected and repiped if it’s required.
  • Frequent leaks and clogs. A typical signal of a failing plumbing system is an abundance of leaks and clogs. As pipes age or breakdown, they gather more and more debris over the years and clog. They also become unable to retain the amount of water pressure necessary to work properly, and they’ll start to leak. Instead of paying money to have expensive pipe repairs every year, consider repiping your plumbing system to have it last for decades to come.

Professional Service

Think repiping is an expensive procedure? Well, for the benefits they provide for years to come, they’re well worth the money. The problems above don’t just stop when you fix a drain or replace one valve, they’ll continue to occur unless you work with a professional plumber for a long-term solution. Repiping can be that solution.

Call our team of expert plumbers at The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas today and have your plumbing problems addressed! Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney!

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