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Not All Water Leaks Are Obvious!

sunny-plumber-doorwayWhile few homeowners are going to go too crazy with DIY projects on something like their electrical systems, far too many seem to think that their plumbing systems are more DIY-appropriate. We want to dispel this myth, because your plumbing system in Paradise, and the services that it requires, are far more complex than you may realize. In fact, even spotting problems with your systems may require an expert’s touch!

That is where our Sunny Plumbers come in. Today, we’re going to talk about one of the most common issues that homeowners encounter with their plumbing—water leaks. Now, you may think that recognizing a water leak and its source is simple. You see water, you look around, and you find where it’s coming from.  If that’s your assumption, then this is definitely the post that you need right now.

There Is a Lot More to Your Plumbing than Meets the Eye!

You’ll notice that we haven’t said that you cannot spot plumbing leaks on your own. You absolutely can. If you have a leak in your toilet tank, for instance, you may hear the toilet running all of the time. That’s because water is continually draining into the bowl. Maybe you see a leaky faucet, or hear water dripping from the line that runs to your dishwasher.

However, you have to keep in mind the fact that you have a main water line buried on your property. You have plumbing pipes running through walls, and even beneath floors.  Frankly, there’s just  a lot of plumbing that is out of view. So what can you do about leaks in such spots?

Do More Than Look for Leaks

We mentioned that you may hear indications of a plumbing leak, be it a dripping faucet or running toilet. You may also smell a mildew odor in your home. Visual cues are not just puddles of water in the house—look for damp spots on carpets, stains on walls, sagging on ceilings, etc. Those are all good indicators that you’ve got a leak. Also, pay attention to your water bill!

Even if you are pretty sure that you have a leak, however, the source of that leak can be pretty far from the warning signs that you are seeing or hearing. Remember, water will travel along wherever gravity can take it. So how do you pinpoint leaks precisely?

You Typically Don’t—but We ALWAYS Do

Among our plumbing service offerings are water leak detection and video pipe inspection. Professional plumbers have the tools and training that they need to find the source of water leaks, regardless of where they’re hidden in your home.

We can use sonic listening equipment to actually hear where a leak is coming from, for instance. We can use our video pipe inspection equipment to evaluate the condition of your pipes from within. This can be the key to finding tough leaks in a nonintrusive way. Let us know if you have any reason to suspect a leak in your home.

Contact The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas for all of your plumbing service needs. Bright and shiny and won’t show our hiney.

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