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New Year’s Resolutions for Healthier Plumbing

calendar-scheduling-bookIn our last post, we wrote out some pre-2022 suggestions for New Year’s resolutions to help save water this coming year. Now it’s 2022 but we still think you can benefit from other resolutions about your home plumbing. In this case, resolutions that will help the plumbing stay in better shape. These are several “care and maintenance” steps that can take the stress off the pipes and appliances, prevent damage to your home, and stop unnecessary repairs. You’ll enjoy a smoother year with your plumbing if you stick to these resolutions.

So let’s get started. Here are our recommendations for healthier plumbing resolutions!

“I’ll schedule drain cleaning”

You might think this is unnecessary if you don’t have a clogged drain or toilet. But drain cleaning is more than a plumbing repair service. It’s also a maintenance service. We recommend having drain cleaning done once a year to remove all the build-up inside the drains of your house. This helps prevent clogs, but it also stops other damage to the plumbing, such as corrosion and leaks. January is a good time for drain cleaning, because you’ve probably got plenty of build-up in the drains post-holidays.

“I’ll arrange for leak detection”

This is another maintenance service people often think of as only done when it’s clear there are leaks somewhere in the house. We advise having leak detection done every five years, and if you’ve never had this service before, it’s time to get it on your schedule. Hidden leaks can often stay hidden for years, wasting water and creating slow damage to construction material. 

“I’ll go gentle on the garbage disposal”

When we say “gentle,” we mean only placing items down the garbage disposal that belong there. Don’t place actual non-organic garbage in the disposal, or any hard organic items such as fruit pits and meat bones. Never pour fats, oils, and grease into the disposal, and watch out for rice, pasta, stringy and fibrous foods, and coffee grounds as well.

“I won’t use the toilet as a trash receptacle”

We could also have listed this under water-saving techniques, but it belongs here as well. Flushing anything that isn’t toilet paper or human waste down a toilet can cause severe issues in the sewer system for your home—especially sanitary wipes, which clump together easily and can damage not only your sewer line, but the municipal sewer system. 

“I’ll have my sump pump inspected and maintained”

Have you had to use your sump in recent years? It’s good news if you haven’t—nobody wants to deal with flooding—but the pump may not be in great shape and you want to make sure it can work when you need it. Call our plumbers to give your sump pump an inspection and any necessary maintenance work so you’re prepared. 

These resolutions will help you enjoy healthier plumbing. You can always trust our expert team of plumbers in Las Vegas, NV to assist you when a serious problem does show up. Feel free to call us to find out more about ways we can improve your plumbing for a great 2022.

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