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Is Your Home’s Water Pressure Too High?

sunny-plumbersA problem homes often run into with their plumbing is low water pressure. It’s a nuisance, and if it isn’t coming from a municipal source, it’s something you’ll need to have professional plumbers diagnose and then resolve.

What about the opposite situation? Yes, water pressure can be too high in a house. If you think this sounds like it’s better than low water pressure, we can tell you for a fact it isn’t. High water pressure in your household plumbing (over 80 psi) is harmful for your plumbing system and leads to numerous problems. In fact, several of these problems are ways you can detect you’ve got water pressure that’s too high. Below we’ll look into ways you can determine if your home needs help with high water pressure.

Ways to Detect High Water Pressure

It’s easy to tell when you’ve got low water pressure—taking a shower becomes extremely difficult! High water pressure is trickier to detect, but there are several warnings to look for:

  • Water hammer: This is a sudden banging noise from the pipes when a tap or appliance shuts off. Several sources can cause water hammer, but high water pressure is one of the main culprits. 
  • High number of pipe leaks: Have you encountered several leaking pipes in your house, even though the plumbing isn’t old enough to become a concern? This often means water pressure is too high. The pressure put on the pipes from the inside will strain them to the point where leaks occur at joints. If you call a plumber for leak detection, ask about the possibility of high water pressure as the cause of the leaks. 
  • Leaky faucets: Here’s a leak that’s a bit easier to see. Leaky faucets are an annoyance, but tightening them can usually fix the problem. If you have multiple leaky faucets that won’t quit, you may have high water pressure.
  • Water heater goes for early retirement: One of the biggest effects high water pressure has on household plumbing is the damage it can do to water-using appliances such as the dishwasher and laundry machine. No appliance is more susceptible to damage than your water heater. If you have to get a new water heater earlier than you expect because your last one wore down fast and leaked often, it might be high water pressure.
  • Utility bills: Have you checked your water usage against the local averages for a family your size? High water pressure means more water gets pushed through the plumbing system, which will elevate water usage beyond what’s standard. This increase might also be due to leaks. No matter what, you’ll want a plumber to look into it.

Call The Sunny Plumber for Solutions

If you think you have troubles with high water pressure, we’re the local Paradise, NV plumber to call. We can often solve the problem with the installation of a water pressure arrestor. What sets us apart is our professionalism, which includes training, appearance, safety, quality products, and great customer service.

Call on The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas for help with water pressure in your house. Bright and Shiny and won’t show our Hiney!

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