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How We Inspect Pipes from Within

sunny-plumber-vanYou want to inspect the inside of my pipes? What are you going to do? Saw them in half and take a peek inside?

No, absolutely not. Part of working with our Sunny Plumbers means working with plumbers that have access to the best technologies in the industry. This includes video pipe inspection equipment. With a video pipe inspection in Las Vegas, areas of your plumbing system that used to be “out of sight, out of mind,” always for the worse, are more accessible than ever before.

While figuring out what is going on in drain and sewer lines has always been a part of the plumbing profession—out of sight, out of mind is a mindset that any good plumber would talk you out of—our advanced equipment makes doing so simpler than ever. It’s less intrusive to your home, it takes less time, and it yields better results. Have concerns? Then let us take a look—literally!

How the Inspection Works

Video pipe inspection equipment is brilliant in its simplicity. In fact, it’s not all that different from snaking out a drain in theory. We use a flexible cable that we feed into your pipes to navigate through the system. Rather than trying to break up and remove clogs, though, we’re recording video of what we see inside.

Obviously this is not because of the breathtaking views within your plumbing system. The goal is to assess conditions within your pipes so that we can make completely educated decisions about what happens next. There is a tiny video camera affixed to the tip of the cable, and that camera feeds images back to a monitor that will be, well, monitored by one of our Sunny Plumbers. Depending upon what we see, we may recommend replacing a pipe rather than trying to service it, only to find that it’s damaged worse than initially thought. We may recommend scour jet services to clear up clogs that are deep within the system. Whatever the case may be, we’ll have visual evidence as to why it’s necessary.

Helping You Understand the Situation

While video pipe inspection is obviously a great diagnostic tool for our Sunny Plumbers, the fact is that it’s also a great resource for our clients. We believe in transparency, and we don’t just expect everyone to take our word for it when we suggest a service that they don’t entirely understand for a problem that they don’t entirely grasp. With the video evidence collected with a video pipe inspection, we’re able to show homeowners what the issue is, and to better articulate why our recommendations are the best course of action.

If you run into stubborn clogs, soggy lawns, or foul sewage odors on your property, contact us right away. We’ll see if a video pipe inspection is in order to get to the bottom of the situation. Our goal is to put your mind at ease while getting the job done right!

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