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How Do I Deal with a Toilet Leak?

logoThe toilet is obviously a major player when it comes to any plumbing system. And any problem with as major a player as your toilet is going to be cause for major concern. That means that homeowners want to know exactly how to deal with something like a leaking toilet in Las Vegas the moment that they notice the problem. The issue here is that toilets can leak in different ways, in different places.

In fact, they may even look like they are leaking when that’s not at all the case. Don’t worry, though. Toilet leaks are the focus of our blog post today, and the professional plumbers on our team are to ensure that you have the background knowledge necessary to deal with the issue successfully. So read on, and remember that most plumbing problems are going to require the services of trained, professional plumbers. Don’t mistake our knowledge-sharing for being DIY-tips. Your toilet needs expert care from us!

First Things First—Is It Really a Leak?

I know what a leak looks like, and there’s water all over the floor! We understand that, but we also understand how easy it can be to jump to worst-case scenario conclusions in stressful situations (like discovering a plumbing leak). How may you be deceived into thinking your toilet is leaking?

For starters, your home may just be a bit too humid. If this is the case, then water can bead on the toilet and its tank, and then that water can drip off onto your floor. In this case, drying the home out a bit with a dehumidifier can help. It’s also entirely possible that someone in your home just isn’t being all that careful when stepping out of the shower, and there is water all over the floor that is pooling around the toilet and giving the impression of a toilet leak.

Okay, It Is a Leak. What Now?

Now, we have to get involved and figure out precisely what the issue is. If your toilet is running and the tank won’t fill but the floor is dry, check to make sure the flapper at the bottom of the tank is aligned properly. It may need to be replaced if it is allowing for water to continually leak into the bowl due to cracks. If the tank itself or bowl has a crack and is leaking onto the floor, then you’ll need a new toilet.

It’s also possible that there is a leak where the toilet connects to the drain beneath it. In this case, we’ll have to pull up the toilet, remove the wax seal, and fix the leak under there. This is a pretty involved job that you’ll definitely want a professional plumber to handle. If you run into any problems at all with your toilet, remember that you use this fixture every day, throughout the day, and unhygienic issues can develop if you don’t act in a timely fashion.

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