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How Clean Drains Can Benefit You

sunny-plumber-doorwayIf you’ve been taking advantage of this informational resource, then you’ve no doubt realized that dirty drains and drain cleaning in Las Vegas comes up quite a bit. There are a few reasons for this. First of all, it’s a more expansive issue than you may realize. We’ve talked about how we unclog drains, why you really cannot unclog your own drains, what causes clogged drains, and some of the less obvious signs that you actually have clogged drains. Today we’re covering another related topic: how clean drains can benefit you.

While it may sound obvious, and to some degree the fact that clean drains are better than clogged drains is obvious, the truth is that it’s just not something a lot of homeowners really think about that frequently. So read on, consider the overall performance of your own drains, and make sure that The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas is the company that you call when next you notice any issues with the drains or plumbing system at large in your house.

It’s More Hygienic

When you take a shower, you don’t exactly feel as clean as you otherwise would if you shut the water off and realize that you’re ankle deep in the water that you’ve just cleaned yourself with, right? Or if you drain the tub when the kids are all done and it just slowly gurgles down the drain? Of course, then there is also the false-flush factor to consider, when the toilet doesn’t flush completely due to a clog.

At its most basic level, the whole point of your drainage system is to ensure that you are able to remove waste and wastewater from your home in a hygienic and reliable manner. That just is not going to be the case if you fail to keep your drains functioning properly in every regard. Dumping chemical “cleaners” into them just won’t cut it.

It Protects Your Home

Clogs can be quite shallow in your drains, which is why they can sometimes be resolved with a drain snake or even a plunger (and, fine, very occasionally with the old wire hanger trick). This is not usually the case, though. Even if you think you’ve unclogged a drain, there is a very good chance that there is more of it, or another one, beyond your reach.

You get a false sense of security, you use your plumbing system in the usual ways, and the next thing you know you’ve got water flowing all over your floors, either from a toilet that’s seriously backed up or even from a sewer line. You don’t need us to tell you that this is undesirable, but you may not realize the scope of damage that can result from such issues. By catching potential problems early on and doing everything possible to resolve them in a timely manner, you are simply being a responsible homeowner!

So there you have it. Clean drains—making homes more hygienic, better protected, and, frankly, just more convenient! Sleep easy knowing that your drains are going to the job you demand.

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