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Help! My Water Pressure Is Low!

sunny-plumber-vanAhh, you get home on another hot afternoon, ready to jump into an invigorating shower. You have your setup ready to go, you warm up the stream—and notice that the water pressure is nowhere near where it is supposed to be. But hey, it’s not like it’s down to a tiny trickle so no big deal, right?


If your water pressure has dropped significantly, whether at one fixture in your home or throughout the whole house, then you need to contact a member of our team right away. The longer that you wait, the worse off your system and your property are likely to be. We get it. Plumbing repairs in Las Vegas are not your preferred way to spend your money. That does not change the fact, however, that you need your system to be working properly at all times. When you leave your plumbing repairs to us,  you’ll have no doubt about it.

Is the Problem in Just One Area?

If so, you may think that it is not that big of a priority. Consider this, though. The loss of water pressure in one specific area of your home is likely the result of a leak in plumbing servicing that particular area. Because even a “minor” leak can do some very serious damage in a relatively quick amount of time, you really have to act fast.

Keep your eyes out for an increase in your water bill paired with a drop in your water pressure. You may also notice signs of water damage around the affected area. Don’t downplay this as the result of dripping water around the bathroom or sinks in your home. Before long, that water damage can really spread.

What About a Whole-House Issue?

If you notice your water pressure in decline throughout your entire home, it is very unlikely that there is a leak in every supply line delivering water to every fixture throughout the house. This instead suggests that you have a water leak in your main water line. Now, you may not always experience such an issue with a water line leak, but a whole-house loss of pressure should definitely raise a red flag.

You may even hear the sound of running water on your property if you have a leak in your main water line. Look out for wet patches in the yard, water in the basement, or any other signs of a substantial leak. Because your water line is buried, you really have to pay attention and take any potential warning signs seriously.

Your Pipes May Be Clogged

If your fixtures seem to be lacking for water pressure, there is another potential factor we’ve not yet covered. That is constricted space for water to flow through!

Hard water deposits are not just ugly to look at when they’re left on fixtures throughout your home.  They also build up in pipes, leading to high pressure within the pipes even as water pressure from the taps drops.

Schedule your plumbing services with us. Bright and shiny and won’t show our hiney.

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