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Dealing with Toilet Leaks

toiletWhat is the first thing that you think of when you hear the word “plumbing”? For a lot of people, it is going to be the toilet that they use in their homes. The toilet is certainly one of the most vital plumbing components to be found in any household. That is exactly why any problems with the toilet in your home are such a big cause of concern. One such problem is a leak in your toilet.

Now, a leak may not sound like that big of a deal — and in truth, some are not all that serious. However, you have to keep in mind that there are many different types of leaks that may develop in your toilet, and that they may require different levels of attention. When in doubt, and in most cases, it is best to schedule any bathroom plumbing services in North Las Vegas, NV with trained, skilled professionals. Now let’s take a look at a few different potential toilet leaks.

Water Leaking Into Bowl

This is one of those leaks that is probably not going to prove to be too serious. Do you hear your toilet running, even when nobody has been using it? Then it is very possible that water is leaking out of the tank and into the toilet bowl. One simple way to test this theory is to put a couple of drops of food coloring into the tank. Come back in an hour or so. Has the water changed color? Then the water from the tank is probably leaking into the toilet.

So what to do in this situation? It is possible that simply re-aligning the flapper at the bottom of the tank will solve the problem. You may also have to replace this part — don’t worry, it’s very cheap — if it is degraded. This is definitely a best case scenario when it comes to “leaks” in your toilet.

There Is Water Surrounding the Toilet

This is a much more alarming situation — though, again, it is not necessary terribly serious. If you notice that there is water surrounding your toilet, it could actually just be the result of condensation dripping off of the toilet and onto the floor. That is not going to require emergency plumbing services, obviously.

You may also want to check the connection at the water intake at the bottom of the tank. If this is loose, or if the pipe or flexible hose is compromised, you may just need to have that part replaced. If the tank itself is leaking, though, you are looking at a full toilet replacement.

Another possibility is a cracked wax ring, and that will require that you pull the toilet up from the floor in order to replace it. While not a terribly serious issue, it is very important that you have the job completed promptly and that you have it done professionally. Professional plumbers have the experience to remove the toilet, make the repair, and to get the toilet back in position and secured without making a mess.

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