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Common Signs of Poor Water Quality

sunny-plumber-vanThere are a few misconceptions that some homeowners share when it comes to their plumbing systems and the water that they deliver throughout their homes. The first is that only situations like leaks or a broken down water heater are “real” plumbing problems. Another is that the water coming from their taps is “good enough,” and that there is no real need or opportunity for improvement. We’re going to dispel both of these beliefs and misconceptions in today’s blog post.

First of all, there is almost always room for improvement when it comes to the water in almost all homes. Secondly, any problems with your water quality, no matter how “minor” you may think they are, are serious and call for professional attention. Don’t put up with subpar water quality any longer. We have some tips to help you spot the signs of poor water quality in your home, and we’re here to help you understand your options for improving that water quality, too.

Signs That Your Water Quality Needs Some Work

We say things like “signs” and “look out for…” when talking about detecting water quality problems, but it is important to remember that there are a lot of different ways in which water quality problems may manifest themselves. If you’re serious about recognizing these issues, then you really need to get more than just your sense of sight involved! So let’s take a look. And a smell. And a taste. And—well, you get it.

  1. Cloudy water. If you see cloudy water in your glass after filling it from the tap, give it a moment or two to settle down. That cloudiness could just be the result of aeration as the water sloshed into that cup. If the cloudiness does not go away, though, it suggests impurities in your water that can be removed with the right filtration system or other methods of improvement.
  2. Hard water. This is a very common issue, and one that too few homeowners really seem to take seriously. It’s not just a matter of ugly sediment on fixtures, though we think this is reason enough to install a water softener. Remember that those same deposits are also clogging up the insides of your pipes!
  3. Dirty water. If there is dirt and sediment in your glass after you’ve filled it up, then you are going to have a pretty hard time of ignoring the issue, we’d think. There is likely a rupture in your main water line that is allowing those pollutants to get into the pipe, and that is an issue that demands swift action!
  4. Smelly water. You’re probably not going to be too well hydrated if you have an adverse reaction to the odor of your water every time you life your cup to your face! A foul smell in your water suggests anything from high chlorine concentrations to excessive sulfur.
  5. Poor-tasting water. It all comes down to taste, right? If you cannot enjoy a glass of water from the tap due to taste, you could have problems with chlorine, sulfur, or other additives/deposits. It could also mean you’ve got an issue with potentially dangerous contaminants, though. Let us figure out what’s wrong and resolve the problem for you.

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