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Choosing the Right Sump Pump

wrench-and-plansNobody wants to deal with flooding on the lowest floor of their property. When heavy rains strike, though, or if a plumbing line should burst, flooding is a very real possibility in many homes. That is precisely why you may want to invest in a sump pump in Las Vegas, NV. With a sump pump at your disposal, you won’t have to worry about the costly damages that flooding and moisture in your home can lead to.

Except, nothing is every quite that simple, is it. While the right sump pump can certainly follow through on these promises, the fact of the matter is that there is no such thing as a single sump pump that will fit everyone’s needs. It is important that you choose the right sump pump for your home and your needs. Working with us will guarantee that you have an effective and reliable system in place.

Selecting Your Sump Pump

There are two types of sump pumps that you may want to consider before investing in one for your home. These are submersible sump pumps, and pedestal sump pumps. Typically, a submersible pump is the preferred option of many homeowners.

A submersible sump pump is one that is actually submersed in the sump pit. This allows the pit to be covered, which helps to reduce the noise level of the pump during operation. The water can also help to keep the motor cool as it is working away, preventing overheating. Remember what we said about nothing ever being too simple, though.

A submersible pump can only be used if there is room enough in your sump pit to accommodate it. If not, then you are going to have to use a pedestal pump. This type of pump sits above the water on a pedestal, with the motor exposed. It’s noisier, for sure, but can still provide the protection that you need.

Sizing Matters

A sump pump is not going to be of much help if it is not able to handle the demand that is placed on it when its service is required. That is why you should have a professional plumber assess your property in order to determine how powerful of a pump you will need. You don’t want to waste money on a more powerful pump than necessary, but you need to know that your system will be able to handle the level of water it will be tasked with removing from your property.

Don’t Forgo a Backup

A primary sump pump is going to run off of an electrical circuit. What happens when s storm knocks out the power, though? Hopefully, that backup pump that you thought to invest in is going to kick in! Using a battery powered backup pump is a great way in which to ensure that all of your bases are covered. Whatever your sump pump needs may be, you can count on our plumbers to ensure that they are handled accordingly.

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