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Can I Do Leak Detection on My Own?

plumbing-leakYes, you can. But not very well, and once you’ve done it, fixing the leak is something you won’t be able to do unless you’re a trained plumber with professional tools.

What you can do, and do well if you have a bit of guidance, is notice the signs of hidden leaks, and maybe narrow down where they might be occurring. Knowledge is definitely power in this case, because when you know about hidden leaks, you’ll know it’s time to call us for water leak detection in Las Vegas, NV

The Simple Art of Noticing Hidden Leaks

You don’t wake up every morning and immediately think, “I need to be on the watch for plumbing leaks today.” (If you do, then you already know you’ve got major problems and should’ve called us yesterday.) But you can train yourself to know what to watch for around the house that will alert you to these leaks. Once you know the signs, you’ll pick up on them when they pop up:

  • Be vigilant with your water bills each month. Don’t look at the cost, look at the gallons used. Watch for spikes in usage that you can’t account for because of extra guests or seasonal increases for lawn watering. Even the smallest leaks accumulate to many gallons wasted. 
  • Small discolored spots on the walls or ceilings are early indicators water is pooling in those areas and is chewing through the drywall. Check carefully for ceilings beneath bathrooms, as this area has the highest concentration of plumbing in the house. 
  • Mold and mildew are easy to notice, but don’t ignore what might cause them to grow in certain parts of the house. If the area isn’t normally damp, the growth of mold and mildew can mean a hidden leak. 
  • The sound of running water when no appliance is on can often clue you into a leak. It’s not just water escaping the pipe, but the rest of the water in the pipe moving to take up the space left behind.
  • Strange behavior from the water heater is a big warning of leaks. The reason for this is that 80% of leaks occur in hot water lines, and leaking water from these lines will cause the water heater to come on when it otherwise wouldn’t need to. 
  • A rise in indoor humidity that has no connection to the season can mean multiple hidden leaks.

How to Detect Leaks Like a Pro

To detect leaks like a pro, pick up the phone and call a pro! You need expert plumbers with special leak detection tools to narrow down the location of the leaks. That way the leaking pipe can be accessed with the least amount of damage to building materials and fixed fast. 

We stress professionalism in our plumbing services. Our plumbers not only have the best training, they are fully background checked, drug-tested, and the type of people you’ll feel comfortable welcoming into your home.

Bright and Shiny and won’t show our Hiney! Call us today if you need leak detection services for your house.

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