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Beware the Impact of Tree Roots on Your Plumbing System

split drainage pipe caused by ingress of tree rootsYour plumbing system’s sewer line is buried beneath your yard for a few good reasons. First off, it’s more attractive this way. But more than that, it’s for safety and functionality purposes. Unfortunately, when something is out of sight like this, it’s hard to spot problems right away, making this part of your plumbing system susceptible to problems such as tree roots searching for a water source.

Tree roots are a pretty common cause of sewer line damage and clogs, which requires professional plumbing repairs in Henderson, NV. As you probably can guess, tree roots crave water. So all it takes for them to be attracted to your sewer line is a small leak. And while tree roots are certainly not the only threat to your sewer pipe, it is very important that you be aware of it.

The Damage Tree Roots Can Do

Sewer pipes may seem hard and invulnerable—and they are pretty sturdy, for the most part. But if your sewer line is aging, or even just made from less durable material, then it is going to be susceptible to persistent root damage. Usually, the piping that is most impacted by this problem is Clay Tile or Orangeburg. However, PVC pipes and concrete can even be damaged by tree roots.

Once the roots have entered your sewer line—and damaged them—they create two more problems:

  1. The impacted section of piping allows sewage to leak out into your yard. You’ll likely notice standing water, spongy grass, and/or an unpleasant smell coming from your yard.
  2. The roots may continue to grow up into the pipes as they absorb water, which can cause a partial or complete blockage of your sewer line.

How Can I Prevent Tree Root Infiltration?

It’s true, the best way to fix tree root problems is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Our expertly trained and experienced plumbers can accurately locate your sewer line, so you can plant trees a safe distance away. Keep in mind too, there are some trees that are more likely to put out roots that can damage your sewer line more than others.

If you are concerned about the age or condition of your sewer line, our staff can use our advanced video pipe inspection equipment to check your plumbing and see if it is, in fact, prone to damage or deterioration, and then take the appropriate steps from there, such as replacing your piping with more durable and root-resistant material.

What If Roots Are Already in My System?

In addition to conducting video pipe inspection to ensure that tree roots are actually what you’re dealing with, we have a variety of other professional-grade tools to help us resolve this problem for you. Most likely, we’ll utilize augers to break up the tree roots, and hydro-jetting equipment to blast the remaining root blockage apart and wash it away.

Further repairs or replacement may be necessary depending on how extensive the damage is. You can count on our staff to get the job done right, so that you can get back to using your plumbing system reliably ASAP.

Whatever your plumbing needs may be, you can count on The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas. We are “Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.” Contact us today!

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