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Bathroom Plumbing Problems That You May Encounter

sunny-plumber-vanIf you are going to run into plumbing problems, the chances of those problems are going to increase with opportunity. That is why the bathroom is such a common problem area for plumbing systems—it just has such a high concentration of plumbing pipes and fixtures! At some point, you are going to find yourself face to face with bathroom plumbing problems in your home. When you do, work with the Henderson, NV bathroom plumbing pros on our team.

Or, we should say, work with us in most cases. While we typically suggest that you let professional plumbers handle the services that you may require, the truth is that there are a few problems that you can resolve on your own. It all comes down to you, though. If you ever run into an issue that you’re unsure how to deal with, or if a solution that is technically DIY-appropriate seems a bit overwhelming, play it safe and call in The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas.

Toilet Problems

If there is one fixture that you really want to keep operating in your home’s plumbing system, it is probably the toilet. We’re guessing that you don’t have an outhouse on your property and, if you do for some reason, we’re guessing that you’d much rather be using the toilet in your bathroom. That is why you shouldn’t ignore any signs of trouble with your toilet.

Like we said, some problems you can try and handle on your own. Take, for instance, a clogged toilet. Go ahead and try to plunge it yourself. If you can’t get it done, though, don’t try anything drastic, call us in instead. Is your toilet running? You may need a new flapper at the bottom of the tank, or you may just need to realign it. If the tank itself is leaking, though, you’ll need a professional replacement.

Sink Problems

This is a big one. If your sink faucet is leaking, pick up the phone and let us know about it. No, it is not an emergency that is going to wind up really damaging your home. No, that doesn’t mean that you can just ignore the problem and get around to it eventually. Why not? Because even a “minor” leak can waste a serious amount of water over time.

You may also run into clogs in your sink. Again, you can try to plunge it out yourself. If you’re really stubborn, you may give a hand augur a try. However, that clog could be very deep down in the system. If drains throughout your home are backed up, skip the DIY attempts—and skip the ineffective chemical cleaners entirely—and instead schedule drain cleaning with us.

Bathtub Problems

Okay, so here is something that may sound a little obvious, but trust us, we bring it up for a reason. If you think your bathtub is leaking,  check to make sure that this is actually the case. It is possible that someone was just a bit careless getting out of the shower, and you don’t want to be calling us out to your home just to dry your floor with a towel for you.

However, there could also be real issues with leaks in the piping supplying your faucet/showerhead with water, or the fixture itself may be leaking. In such cases, professional intervention is definitely necessary.

Schedule your plumbing services with us. Bright and Shiny and won’t show our Hiney.


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