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3 Ways to Pinpoint Plumbing Leaks

logoSome homeowners think of plumbing not necessarily as a simple service, but one that doesn’t really entail much in the way of technology. Surely drills, piping materials, wrenches, etc. are all that we need to deal with plumbing problems, right? As you can probably guess, that is not where this blog post is heading. Even setting aside cutting edge technology used in appliances like water heaters, there is a lot more advanced equipment involved in plumbing than you may realize.

Today we’ll take a peek behind the curtain to fill you in on the ways in which professional plumbers may pinpoint the source of plumbing leaks in Las Vegas. Different scenarios will call for different approaches, of course, and that’s kind of the point. You want to work with a skilled, professional plumber so that you know your concerns and problems are being dealt with in the most appropriate manner possible. Remember to dial our number to guarantee this. 

Looking for Leaks

Looking for leaks may not sound all that technologically advanced, but it’s all in how you execute that visual inspection. There is the type of looking out for leaks that you can do on your own, of course. You can spot signs of water damage around the house, you can recognize stains on carpeting, you can find small pools of water near pipes, etc. However, there are more advanced methods of using visual information to help you pinpoint the source of leaks.

There is infrared technology, for instance, that allows plumbers to use heat—or the lack thereof, depending on whether or not it’s a hot water leak—to recognize signs of leaks behind walls or under floors. That’s far preferable to guessing where a leak might be, then going in with a hammer or saw to figure out if you’re actually looking in the right spot! Then there is our preferred method of leak discovery—video pipe inspection.

Video pipe inspection allows us to find the source of leaks from within the pipe, using a tiny camera at the tip of the flexible rod that is fed right into the plumbing system. This not only allows us to pinpoint the actual source of the leak, but to inspect the integrity of the rest of the pipe, look for signs of trouble to come, and to assess the success of services such as drain cleaning, as well. Contact us if you think you stand to benefit from a video pipe inspection!

Listening for Leaks

Again, there is the personal/homeowner side of this, and the professional side of this. You may realize that you have a plumbing leak because, well,  you can hear it! It doesn’t even have to be a major one. Hear the sound of running water even though you don’t have any in use? You might have a leak. Hear your toilet running when it hasn’t been flushed in hours? You may have a leak.

However, there is also sonic listening equipment that, in the hands (and ears!) of professional plumbers allows for the accurate pinpointing of leaks. Again, this really helps to mitigate any unnecessary disruption to your home and facilitates the quick resolution of any leaks that you might have.

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