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3 Common Toilet Problems (and What to Do About Them)

logoThere are a lot of pipes and fixtures in your plumbing system that you don’t directly interact with. And then there is your toilet. Your toilet is a part of your day to day life. The idea of living without a working toilet in your home is unthinkable.

So why would you ever ignore signs of trouble with your toilet?

Today we are going to look at 3 common toilet problems, what you might do about them—and when to call in the pros. Not all toilet issues are very serious, but there are many that do require the work of a professional plumber. And when you need a professional plumber, you need a Sunny Plumber!

1. Your Toilet Is Running

When you flush your toilet, do you know what is actually happening? The bowl is emptying into your drain and sewer system, and water from the tank—clean water—is then refilling the bowl. That water from the tank then needs to be replaced, so it fills from the supply line connected to the toilet.  It’s not a terribly complicated process. Bowl empties. Tank fills bowl. Tank is refilled.

If you hear your toilet running and running, then you should know something is wrong. That tank is not that big. It does not really take all that long to fill. And it certainly should not be filling at random times, when you have not just flushed it. If your toilet is running, you may have to replace the flapper at the bottom of the tank, or you may have a leak.

2. Your Toilet Is Leaking

There are a lot of ways in which a toilet is leaking. There are also times where it might look like your toilet is leaking, but it isn’t actually. You don’t want to pay for a plumber to come out to your home just to tell you that there is not actually a leak in the toilet. If you notice water around the fixture, first rule out simple condensation.

Okay, that’s done? Try to pinpoint the leak. You could have a tank leaking into the bowl due to a bad flapper. But you could also have a leak in the tank or the bowl itself. That’d mean replacing your toilet. You cannot really expect to seal porcelain against leaks. Also, check to see if it is the supply line itself that is leaking. That is a relatively easy fix for a Sunny Plumber!

3. Your Toilet Is Clogged

We know what you’re thinking. A clogged toilet? Easy. Reach for the plunger. And sure, that’s a fine first attempt at solving the problem. But what about frequent clogs? Or stubborn clogs that just don’t respond to a simple plunging. In these cases, more invasive action may need to be taken.

You may find that you need to schedule drain and sewer cleaning in Las Vegas, which we can handle for you. That way, the entire line will be cleared out, not just bits and pieces of a shallow clog.

Schedule your plumbing services with The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas. Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.

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