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3 Common Shower Plumbing Problems

sunny-techniciansThe shower in your home sees a lot of use. Whether you’ve got a big family lining up for hot showers in the morning, or you’re living alone and showering once a day after work, you need this fixture to be there for you. While we’d love to give you some tips for avoiding shower problems entirely, this really just is not feasible. At some point, everyone encounters shower plumbing problems in Las Vegas, NV.

The key to dealing with any shower plumbing problems is to recognize them as soon as possible and to understand what it is that you’re dealing with. Does this mean that you should try and resolve them on your own? No. Most plumbing problems will require professional intervention. At least, if you want them resolved for the long run. Let us know if you run into any of these problems with your shower plumbing.

1. Clogged Drains

This is probably the most common problem that homeowners run into when it comes to their bathroom plumbing. Most of the time, this is squarely on the shoulders of the users themselves. That’s not us playing the blame game. It just happens. Before you shower, brush out your hair. Also, make sure that there is a trap over the drain that is fine enough to catch any hair that may try to make its way down.

Of course, you could also have an issue with hard water. If you notice that there is a lot of buildup on your shower fixtures or your shower doors, hard water is definitely a possibility. It doesn’t just result in ugly buildup. It can also constrict water flow through your pipes, resulting in serious drain clogs.

2. Low Water Pressure

This is a very frustrating problem, and it is not one that you should tolerate. Again, you could have hard water issues resulting in low water pressure. If that’s the case, you really need it resolved. You don’t want to wind up with pressure imbalances in your plumbing system. It can lead to damage.

You could also have a leak in the pipes supplying water to your shower. Even if you can’t see any evidence of leaks just yet, you need to keep this possibility in mind. The last thing that you want is a bunch of water damage that could have been avoided had you been a little more proactive.

3. Cool Temperatures

There are few things more frustrating than stepping into a nice, relaxing, hot shower—only to realize that it is none of those things. Your shower shouldn’t be lukewarm, unless that’s what you actually want!

Lukewarm water could be an issue with piping—potentially a leak in the hot water line, maybe poor insulation. It could also mean that you have a water heater issue that needs to be resolved, though. Remember, your plumbing system is all interconnected. Any single problem can really ripple throughout the entire system.

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