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Why Professional Drain Cleaning Is Your Best Bet

sunny-plumbersThere are certain plumbing problems that some homeowners get lucky and never have to face. We obviously don’t really worry about frozen pipes bursting around here in general. Some homeowners never have to deal with a serious sewage backup. Those sorts of scenarios aren’t uncommon (depending on where you live), but they aren’t a guaranteed shared experience.

Clogs, on the other hand? Yeah. You’re gonna face some clogs.

You can be the most careful plumbing system user of all time, and still run into the occasional clog. While some clogs can be pretty effectively cleared by homeowners, professional drain cleaning is still never a bad idea. Today, we’ll talk about why our drain cleaning service in Las Vegas is one of the best deals in town. 

How Often Are You Dealing with Clogs?

One major sign that it’s time to drop the plunger and pick up the phone is frequently recurring clogs. If you manage to free up a clog enough to drain the tub or flush the toilet, but then run into the same problem again a week or two later, then you probably didn’t do a very effective job of clearing that clog out. And that’s an important word—clearing. Because drain cleaning isn’t just about clearing a pathway through your drains. It’s about cleaning them thoroughly so that problems don’t rapidly redevelop.

What’s the Drain Cleaning Difference?

When you plunge a toilet, you’re using suction to loosen up a blockage that will hopefully then pass through the system. Whatever caused that blockage may stay in place, though. Same when you’re snaking out a drain. You may get a big clump of hair out, but did you get the whole thing? Did you punch a hole through while leaving a bunch behind?

With drain cleaning, we use the right tools and procedures to scour the interior of your drains. That way, you’re nog going to have to worry about what’s left in the pipe causing problems again in a short timeframe.

How Deep Does the Problem Go?

This is another major point to consider. Just where is the clog located? Because if you notice drainage issues throughout your home, it’s possible it’s an issue relatively shallow in the system.

However, you’re likely looking at a clogged sewer line.

Cleaning a sewer line is not something that you can even begin to tackle on your own. While we say you can at least try to loosen up a drain clog with a plunger before reaching out to our team, a clogged sewer line is a different beast entirely.

Plus, it may be something as tough as tree roots blocking the line causing the problem! That’s a messy situation, but with our jetting equipment and everything else at our disposal, even the toughest sewer situations are no match for your Sunny Plumber!

Remember, ignoring “minor” inconveniences like slow-moving drains is only going to come back around to bite you. Don’t wait for a problem to become critical.

Schedule your drain cleaning with The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas. Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.


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