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Why Hire Us to Clean Your Drains?

logoSome homeowners will immediately think of leaks when they think of problems that they might encounter with their plumbing systems. Yes, the idea of waking up to a collapsed ceiling or flooded lower level due to a water leak is quite alarming. However, it’s not just your supply piping that you need to worry about, nor does a pipe actually need to rupture and leak to cause problems. Your drain pipes can also cause major disruption in your home, even if they’re “only” clogged.

Now, cleaning out one’s drains might not be the type of project that you’d immediately realize should be handled by a professional. Trust us when we tell you, however, that you should definitely leave your drain cleaning to our Sunny Plumbers. Why is that?  Well, the likelihood of anyone other than a professional doing the job right is slim to none. We use a process called scour jetting in Henderson, NV, to do the job right.

First of All—Why Are My Drains Clogged?

Homeowners are sometimes surprised to learn that their clogged drains are the direct result of the ways in which they use their plumbing systems. We’re not trying to place blame here,  and the fact is that this is usually the result of a gap in knowledge, not direct carelessness. Either way, unfortunately, the result is much the same.

A very common cause of clogged drains is flushing items other than toilet paper down the toilet. We cannot stress this enough. Nothing other than toilet paper, not even those baby wipes claiming to be flushable, should be flushed down the toilet. Trust us, clogs will develop.

Another major cause of clogged drains is FOG—fat, oil, and grease. Homeowners roast a turkey for dinner or fry up some bacon, then pour the hot grease and fat down the drain. What they don’t realize is that these materials are only liquids when they are hot.

Once they get into your drains, they’ll rapidly cool down and the result is a very serious clog as the FOG hardens up, clinging to the interior surfaces of your pipes. Pouring FOG into empty cans and freezing it is a great way to avoid this issue.

Once Drains Are Clogged, Then What?

Even if you’re careful to avoid pouring FOG down your drains and flushing inappropriate items down the toilet, you’ll run into clogs eventually. That’s a guarantee. We can also guarantee that you won’t effectively clean your drains on your own. You can pour all of the ineffective, environmentally unfriendly chemicals down your drains that you want. You can even give snaking your own drain a shot.

And when that fails, schedule scour jet service with our team! We’ll use our specialized equipment to blast clogs and blockages out of your drains using only pressurized water. We’ll also scour the surfaces of those pipes to help prevent clogs from building back up quickly. Trust us, we’ll give you the lasting results that you’re looking for.

Schedule scour jetting with The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas. Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.

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