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When to Worry About Your Sewer Line

sunny-techniciansIf we were to ask you what your major focus on your home is right now, you might say replacing an old air conditioner, having the roof redone, or maybe revitalizing things with a fresh coat of paint.

What you probably wouldn’t say is “my sewer line’s condition.”

While we hope that this is due to the fact that you’ve had any issues with your sewer line addressed already, the more likely scenario is simply that your sewer line is not really on your radar. And that’s too bad, because a damaged, leaky sewer line is actually a very serious problem.

It’s also one that’s not exactly visible to the naked eye. So what’s a homeowner to do? Well, reading the following blog post is a great start, and scheduling your sewer line services in Las Vegas with our Sunny Plumbers is the right next move.

Pay Attention to Your Drains

Wait, I thought we were talking about sewer lines in this post! Well, sure, but where do you think that everything that goes down your drains winds up? When you use your shower or your sinks—or flush your toilet, for that matter—all of that water, toothpaste, soapsuds, etc., wind up in your sewer line. So, if you start to experience trouble with slow-moving drains throughout your home, as opposed to just a single drain at a single point of use, it could be indicative of a sewer clog.

You cannot just ignore such problems, or write them off as a minor inconvenience. If you do, you run the risk of things coming to a complete standstill in your drain and sewer system. That’s no way to live! And, if you let the problem get bad enough, you could be looking at backups and even damage to your sewer line! Let us investigate matters and, if necessary, clean out your sewer line for you.

Pay Attention to Odors

We won’t get too deep into the nitty-gritty details here, but let’s just say that there is a certain odor associated sewer line problems that you may notice in your home. And, if you do notice these odors, you’ll really want to have the issue addressed immediately. If you can smell sewage anywhere in your home, then you are seriously going to want to resolve the problem promptly.

You may also run into the issue outside, however. If you notice a sewer odor out on your property, then it is definitely not the result of something like a dry p-trap in your home. It suggests an active leak in your sewer line itself. And if that’s the case, you need to contact us right away. It is not a hygienic situation to let a sewer line leak, and there is no “minor” sewer line leak, either! And, let’s just say that you’re probably not going to gain much popularity among your neighbors if you don’t have your sewer line fixed ASAP.

Schedule your sewer line services with The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas. Bright and Shiny and Won’t Show Our Hiney.

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