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The Slow Drain: Is It Really a Big Deal?

sunny-plumber-doorwayNobody wants clogged drains in their house. A clogged sink or shower drain means you can’t use that fixture until the problem is resolved. Sometimes all it takes is the right type of plunger and a bit of effort to clear a clog. Other times you’ll need the assistance of our professionals for drain cleaning in Paradise, NV

But what about the “half-clog” in a drain—a drain that’s still drawing away water, but not as fast as usual? When you have a slow drain in your house, do you feel the same urgency to have it fixed the way you would a clog? Probably not. In our experience as plumbers, we’ve found people are willing to put up with a slow drain as a minor irritation and not something that needs fast action to correct.

But a slow drain is often a bigger worry than it may at first seem! It’s often sending a warning sign of worse problems to come. After all, it’s not a big leap from a slow drain to a full clog. 

The Problems With Slow Drains

A slow drain can definitely be irritating and unpleasant. You don’t want to have soapy or scummy water sitting in the kitchen or bathroom sink that only slowly goes away, nor do you want to end your fresh shower with a foot of standing water around your ankles. But slow drains create more than cosmetic troubles. Here are reasons to be concerned with slow drains in your house.

  • Sewer line trouble: Are you noticing drains all around the house are draining slower than usual? This is a huge warning sign that something is wrong deeper in the home’s drainage system, such as a blocked or damaged sewer line. When the sewer line starts to clog up, it will lead to slow drainage around the house and eventually may push sewage up through the drains. We recommend getting our plumbers out to investigate the sewer line and your drains to see if they need a major repair. 
  • Something stuck in the p-trap: The p-trap is the curved pipe section under the drain which prevents sewer gas from flowing in the wrong direction up the drainpipe. The p-trap can catch small items that may fall down the drain, leading to slow drainage—and eventually a clog.
  • Mold and mildew: Standing water allowed to linger around for too long will help mold and mildew start to grow. Even if a slow drain never turns into a complete clog, it may lead to mold and mildew in and around the drain. This is a particular problem for shower drains. 
  • Soap scum and other build-up: Often, a slow drain is a prelude to a full clog because of build-up inside the drainpipe. Soap scum is common in sink and shower drains, while fat and grease deposits are problems for kitchen drains. The sooner you have professionals clean out these drains to remove the build-up layer, the easier the job will be and the lower chance you’ll have a clog. Plus, removing this build-up will help your drainpipes last for longer.

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