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Signs That Your Drains Need to Be Cleaned

sink-drainingIn our previous post, we talked about why you always want to hire trained professionals to clean your drains. In today’s post, we are going to explore some of the warning signs that you need to have your drains cleaned to begin with. After all, you can’t really schedule drain cleaning until you notice that there is a problem, and you will ideally notice that there is a problem before your drains are backing up all over your home.

Professional drain cleaning in Las Vegas, NV is a service that can help you to live in a more convenient and hygienic manner. Your indoor plumbing system is, without a doubt, among the most important and vital aspects of your home. It is a two-sided system, and you shouldn’t only be concerned with problems like leaks in the delivery side of this system. Problems with drainage are just as problematic, so be sure to dial our number when you decide that it is time to have your drains expertly cleaned.

Slow Moving Drains

Okay, you may be thinking, my drain is definitely not draining as fast as normal. But it still is draining, so no big deal. Right? Wrong! If you noticed that one of the tires on your car was very deflated, you wouldn’t hesitate to take action just because it was not exactly flat yet, would you? Of course not!

The key to minimizing the impact of any plumbing problems is to act quickly to resolve that problem. You definitely should not be waiting for your drains to back up completely before having them cleaned.  When they slow down, that is reason enough to schedule service.

Noisy, Gurgling Drains

Okay, you may be thinkingbut they are not really moving slowly. They’re just making weird gurgling sounds as they drain. So no problem, right? Wrong! Your drains may be draining fairly normally, but that still does not mean that they are really functioning the way that you need them to.

Noisy, gurgling drains are drains that need to be clogged. The reason that they are making those gurgling sounds to begin with is that the water has to navigate around a developing clog. When your drains are clear and water is moving through them properly, they won’t be making any such strange sounds.

Foul Smelling Drains

Okay, you may be thinking, but my drains are not slow-moving or noisy — they just stink! So I’ll just light a candle or use an air freshener, right? Wrong! Sure, your drains may seem to be draining normally, but have you stopped to consider what the heck is in those drains that is causing a foul odor?

Now, foul odors coming from your drains could be due to a dry P-trap. However, they could also be the result of waste stuck in the drains that is essentially rotting therein. Even if your drains are not exactly backed up, it should go without saying that you want any such blockage removed from those drains. Work with The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas to have that job done right.

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