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Why Schedule Professional Drain Cleaning?

clearing-pipeWere we to ask you your absolute nightmare scenario in terms of problems that you may encounter with your plumbing system, you may mention a burst sewer line or a water heater that has ruptured and soaked an area of your home. What you probably wouldn’t come up with is a clogged drain. Sure, a clogged drain is probably not the most dramatic plumbing problem that you can encounter. Clogged drains are much more than a minor inconvenience, though, and you really should take them seriously.

If you ask us, taking them seriously requires nothing more than picking up your phone and dialing our number. That way, our plumbers can complete your drain cleaning in Las Vegas, NV with the skill and expertise that the job demands. You do not want to rely on ineffective chemical cleaners or hand augers when your drains are backed up. With our years of experience and the tools available to our team, we can ensure that your drains are cleaned thoroughly and successfully.

Don’t Go It Alone!

There are certain times in life where we all need a little backup. When it is your drains that are backed up, we are the posse that you want to call in. The simple fact is that going rogue and trying to handle the situation on your own just won’t pan out that well for you.

There are a couple of common ways in which homeowners tend to try and deal with their clogged drains — we mentioned them above. The first, and most common, method is to simply pour harsh chemical cleaners down the drain. Sure, these caustic chemicals can clear up some of the clog — but probably only enough to allow the cleaner itself passage through the pipe. Once that much of the clog is gone, the cleaner will just continue through the drain pipe, leaving much behind.

A similar issue happens when homeowners try to snake their drains out on their own. This may be a preferable option, but there is no guarantee that your clog will even be shallow enough for you to reach with your snake. Plus, you may simply force the snake through the clog, leaving a lot of it clinging to the walls of the pipe and mistakenly thinking it’s a job well done.

We Can Help!

With our scour jet service, we don’t just hope for the best — we guarantee that we’ve blasted your clogs into oblivion! The system uses highly pressurized water in order to break up clogs and to flush them out of the system. Even better, we have video pipe inspection equipment that not only helps us to pinpoint the source of the clog, but also to evaluate the work that we’ve done once we’ve done it.

There are plenty of projects that you can handle for yourself around the house. Others really do benefit from the skill and expertise that only trained professionals can possess. Make the smart choice, and leave your drain cleaning to The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas.

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