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How We Clean Pipes So Effectively

sunny-plumbersSometimes, the most common problems are also the most annoying. Is a slow-moving drain the most serious plumbing problem that you’ll ever encounter? No, maybe not. But the fact that it’s not going to result in the flooding of your home doesn’t mean that it is a problem that you should learn to live with. Slow-moving drains can be indicative of more serious issues than you may realize, after all. And even if there isn’t something terribly serious behind the slow-moving drain, it’s still a major inconvenience.

By scheduling professional drain cleaning services in Las Vegas with our team, you can enjoy the best performance that your drains have to offer. It may sound strange to talk about a drain’s performance, but if you struggle with slow-moving drains, you know how much of a pain subpar drain performance can be! Get the lasting results that you deserve by leaving the cleaning of your drains to us.

The Professional Drain Cleaning Difference

We get it. For just a few bucks you can go down to the hardware store, buy a jug of drain cleaner, and be done with it, right?

Whew—we wish we had your optimism!

Yes, chemical drain cleaners are readily available. But they’re definitely not as effective as those snazzy commercials with their “How It Works” animations would imply. You pour those cleaners down the drain, and you’re probably only clearing enough of the clog out of the drain for the cleaner itself to get through.

Don’t Let Clogs Build Right Back Up

Okay, that doesn’t sound that bad though. At least the drain is opened up.

Sure, for now. However, when even a small amount of a clog is left behind, it is really only a matter of time before that clog builds right back up. And that is a very frustrating situation to find oneself in.

It happens when homeowners attempt to snake drains out on their own, as well. They sometimes just wind up forcing the auger through a clog, rather than really removing that whole clog. Then, before long, drains are slowed down again.

What We Do Differently

We have the tools necessary to truly remove every trace of the clog from the pipe. Our scour jetting equipment lets us blast clogs away, not just loosening up the clogs and leaving the remnants behind, but also blasting the rest of that clog through the drain to limit the risk of rapid build-up. 

Plus, we have video pipe inspection equipment that allows us to get eyes on the problem and to assess the quality of the work that we’ve done. We don’t run the water, see it go down the drain, and then assume that the job is done. We actually evaluate what’s been done ot guarantee that we’ve got the results we’re looking for. That way, you know you’ve got what you’ve paid for—problem-free drainage thanks to well-cleaned pipes!

Schedule your drain cleaning services with The Sunny Plumber Las Vegas. Bright and shiny and won’t show our hiney.

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